An interview with the Macedonian leader, Nikola Karev, 1903!

21 Responses to “An interview with the Macedonian leader, Nikola Karev, 1903!”

  1. akritas Says:

    I like this….

    Direct descendant to Alexander the Great?

    Nikola Karev:

    And what was Alexander of Macedon, I beg you?

    Nikola Karev:
    I do not know, but history says he was Greek.

    Then you, as his descendant, are Greek.

    Nikola Karev:
    Karev was clear..,… History said that Alexander was GREEK.

  2. cope Says:

    History said that Aleksandar father conquered ellada.And his son become greek ha ha ha …….
    Karev lived 100 years ago he couldn’t know that modern inhabitants of Pelophonese are dicendants of Ethiopian tribe mixed with Turks. Get a mirror ciganos

  3. NIK Says:

    Cope you are wrong, he knew that he was descendant
    of Macedonian race ….

  4. Talos Says:

    Alexander the Great: “For As Hellenes we should not be slaves to barbarians.”
    Callisthenes of Olynthus 1.15.1-4

    Karev’s interview is a parody LOL

  5. John Says:

    From Wikepedia “Nikola Karev (Macedonian and Bulgarian: Никола Карев) (23 November 1877, Kruševo, Macedonia – 27 April 1905, Rajčani, Kočani, Macedonia) was a revolutionary from Macedonia, a member and a local leader of what later became known as the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO). Karev was also a socialist and a member of the Bulgarian Workers’ Social Democratic Party. His activity expressed different views in different periods of his life. As a result, his ethnicity is a matter of dispute. He is considered an ethnic Macedonian in the Republic of Macedonia and a Bulgarian in Bulgaria.”

    He is a very typical Macedonian: he knows he is Bulgarian, but he denies it; he knows that the Macedonians were/are Greeks (see his response about Alexander), yet he proclaims himself a Macedonian (and non Greek)!! Any wonder why today’s Macedonians are a confused people??? He is their hero!!

  6. Republic of Macedonia Says:

    Hey John,
    are you stupid or what? Couldn’t you read that he said “I am macedonian”, he did not say “I am bulgarian”.
    It appears that you are confused not the macedonian people.

  7. John Says:

    Republic of Macedonia,
    Yes, I saw that. You must have missed the part (conveniently?)where he states that Alexander was Greek (was he not Macedonian? he knows it!!!).
    Also, please read the part of the interview that states:
    Interviewer: Yes, yes, but you know what Bulgaria waters it with. With poison of hatred towards Greece.
    Nikola Karev: Whatever kind of watering, it refreshes us and has forced us to turn our branches to that side which, we admit we have nothing in common, and to run from you with which we do not share the same blood and history. This is in some way a protest against Greek interests .”
    He states very clearly that he and the committee members “do not share the same blood and history” (with the Greeks); however it does not say that about the Bulgarians. Also, you may want to get clarification from the Bulgarians on that, NOT me!! Here is a reference to help you out:”IMRO is the most commonly used name for the organization in which Nikola Karev participated, although it is certain that in his active days, the organization had a different name. What that name was is a matter of considerable dispute between historians from Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. According to Bulgarian and some international historians the name of the organization from 1896 to 1902 was Bulgarian Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Committees (BMARC)” (

    I hope this time you can “get it”. All you have to do is keep an open mind!!

  8. Voya Says:

    He says:

    History teach us that they were Greeks.

    Now, lets think about what schools existed in Macedonia in his time.

    Bulgarian Exarchate
    Greek Patriarchate

    So, he was not educated in a Macedonian school

    PS: Macedonian schools were not allowed to exist.

    Reason, find it out by yourself!

  9. Ivica Says:

    Is that you source wikipedia, where everybody can write what ever he want.
    It’s fact that in Nikola’s time the neighbour’s propaganda was very powerful and in expansion, but nonetheless he declared him self Macedonian, Voya is right

  10. taco78s Says:

    “We are Macedonians, not Bulgarians,not Servians,not Albanians,not Greeks”-say me.
    Fuck you all who thinks that we are different, but Macedonians!

  11. John Says:


    I used the wikipedia source for your quick reference. And no, it is not true that “everybody can write what they want”; check the discussion forums. The key point that I wanted to bring to your attention is the initial name of IMRO (Bulgarian Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Committees ). If you have better sources, please present them.

  12. John Says:


    Well, I know that the Greek books refer to Alexander as Macedonian (and Greek); in the same way, they refer to the Athenians, Spartans, etc.. So, if he read the Greek history books, then he knows Alexander as Macedonian and Greek. I have not read any Bulgarian books on this subject (what do they say)? By the way, since these events took place some 2300 years ago, don’t you think that we should pay attention to the authors that had access to the original material (Arrian,Plutarch, etc..)?

  13. John Says:


    Please get some help!! Or, wait until you grow up.

  14. Bulgarian Says:

    The Bulgarian history books stipulate that Alexander was Greek! The Bulgarians do not confuse and invent history!
    Ciril and Methodius were also Greeks, but this does not prevent all Bulgarians to feel them as part of their history (these were Greeks on Roman mission sent by the eastern Roman emperor in Constantinopole; they have invented the Glagolics for the slavs in Moravia, and when their students were expelled they took refuge in Bulgaria)

  15. John Says:


    Thanks. You seem to be very informed and wise!! Do you think that there can be any hope for our mutual neighbors (Macedonians) to get rid of their illusions?

    Edited by makedonika: you are on thin ice John……

  16. philldm Says:

    You cannot prove that Cyril and Methodius ‘were’ tatars a.k.a. Bulgarians, and now you start to shit that they were Greeks… pffff pathetic… Tell that to you Bozidar Dimitrov and he will go berserk. Altrough. I cannot understand why on every forum there is topic like: MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE IS A DIALECT OF THE BULGARIAN ONE. In every fucking country the MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE is learned as MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE not like bulgaria dialect nor serbian. In all Eastern slavic countries, western slavic countries and the rest of the world. Only in your Bulgaria Macedonain language is not recognized and it is not offered to the students to teach the language because ‘its a bulgarian dialect’. And who is pathetic now?

  17. Kliment Says:

    I don’t have problem with the existence of Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian, Uzbekistanian or whatever language!
    I am Macedonian;
    I speak language that is MACEDONIAN.
    And I do not see where is the problem, actually there is no problem?
    I think that only problem about Macedonia and MACEDONIANS is in the dirty nationalistic mind of sick Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians and Albanians who are feting their national survival with denying MACEDONIAN NATION!


  18. Voya Says:

    @ John,

    You misunderstood.

    The Volgarian and Greek schools of his time, teached the Macedonians that they are either Greeks/Bulgarians.

    He was not reading any books, he just spoke what was he being told at school, which was either Volgarian/Greek.

    That’s why he says:
    Direct descendant of Alexander, yes.

    Is there any Greek prior to 1903 that says that? I think not.

  19. Aleksandar Says:

    I am Macedonian,

    So was
    Jane Sandanski
    Pitu Guli
    Aleksandar Makedonski
    Goce Delcev
    Nikola Karev


    Everyone knows they where fighting over leaders, for the freedom of Macedonia


  20. makedonec Says:

    i m macedonian… da zivee makedonija!!!

  21. Aleksandar from Skopje Says:

    To Bulgarian
    If our (macedonian) language is your dialect, then pls explain to me, how come a bulgarian person couldn’t understand me asking him a simple question in Sofia, i had to ask him four times before he got it. By the way I spoke in Macedonian, and had to use bulgarian words for him to understand me
    pls reply if you have an explanation

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