The three Macedonias of Greece, NO PROVINCE, another Greek LIE!

The Republic of Greece, is not devided into Provinces but rather into Peripheries.

 There are 13 Peripheries in Greece which of three holds the name of Macedonia with a geographical definer connected to it.

 They are;

  1. Dytiki Makedonia (West Macedonia)
  2. Kentriki Makedonia (Central Macedonia)
  3. Anatoliki Makedonia kai Thraki (East Macedonia and Thrace)

As we can see all of the names have a geographical definer and one of them is a complex name with the inclusion of Thrace in it.

Dytiki Makedonia (West Macedonia)

Kentriki Makedonia (Central Macedonia)

Anatoliki Makedonia kai Thraki (East Macedonia and Thrace)

A map showing all Periperies in the Republic of Greece

All these maps are found on the Official EU website,, direct link to Greece;

14 Responses to “The three Macedonias of Greece, NO PROVINCE, another Greek LIE!”

  1. Владимир Says:

    Уфф мамата грчка да им ја ебам јас на нив..
    Племе расипано циганско од Етиопија…

  2. akritas Says:

    There are 13 peripheries (nine on the mainland and four island groups), which are further subdivided into 54 prefectures.
    Officially there ARE 10 geographical Regions (Διαμερίσματα) of Greece which are still sometimes used in popular discourse.

    …. usage from the Greek statistical Service

    Here one official source as about the usage

    What is your point Makedonika ?

  3. alex Alexander Says:

    I really dont undersatnd what this has to do with the facr that Macedonia is an ancient part of Greece its language was greek as confirmed by all historical writings and was definately nothing to do with the language spoken in the Republic of Macedonia which is a dialect of the Bulgarian language , the Bulgarians haveing come to this area in the early 12centuary

  4. Αλέξανδρος Says:

    Οι πραγματικοί Μακεδόνες…………….

    Edited by makedonika: NO GREEK LANGUAGE Please, only English or Macedonian!

  5. Alexander I Killhellen Says:

    Abre Alex, understand for once – the original Bulgars had their own non-slavic language.What exactly it was i leave to linguists.The point is – it was not Slavic.When they conquered modernday Bg and Mk – both the ppl and the language ‘drowned’ in the ppls and language of Macedonia spoken there since ancient times – the same one wich was Alexander’s and his Macedonians mothertongue.

    So, the MODERN SLAVIC Bulgarian (wich is an asiatic name in origin and has nothing to do with anything Slavic) is a dialect of Macedonian. You can trust me on this 100% – as for a person who knows the language the deviations in bg from mk are OBVIOUS!!

  6. Ivica Says:

    I’m wondering is there any possibility somebody in front of so much facts and evidences to say something opposite

  7. John Says:


    Get a hold of yourself!! You declare that the Greeks tell “lies”, and you are demostrating complete ignorance of the subject you are supposed to enlighten your readers about (or is it intentional distortion, again?)!! (see response by akritas above;).

    Commented by makedonika: This information is taken from the EU official website, the administrative units in Greece are according to what I have posted above, nothing else.

  8. GreekHoplite Says:

    What is your point? Put a geographical identifier to ur name and end of story… Dont make Gruefski a hero for nothing. It is easy the way to the irredentism and hatress in order to preserve the power in a country. There will be a competition of nationalism in ur country in the next weeks

  9. GreekHoplite Says:

    All these post you have mark Macedonia as a geographical region which of course it is and it will always be, and not as a country or nation

  10. John Says:


    If I recall correctly, the first version of your posting showed a different map!! Now, that you posted these maps (second version), what is your point? Where is the “Greek Lie”?

  11. makedonika Says:


    what are you talking about?

  12. John Says:

    @ Makedonika

    What exactly is the “Greek Lie” here, and what is the motivation? As I said before, get a hold of yourself!!

  13. Φuck Ελλαδα Says:

    u mamta u pi4ka da vi ja ebeme,MESTO NAJDOBRI FRIENDS A VIE NAOPAKU SAKATE EPA KUR!!!!!

  14. mkdelo Says:

    @ alexalexander – which historian said that Macedonians spoke greek? it is proven that the Macedonian language was different to the hellenic language, which is why Aleksandar Makedonski had an interpreter so that he could tell the greek slaves what to do. todays greek language is not even close to the ancient greek language let alone the Macedonian language. the “greek” language spoken today is similar to (at the time) the world profound language and was not the language the Hellenes spoke. the modern “greek”language was adopted in the late 1700’s. before that people around the world spoke that language so that they could understand each other when trading items (like English today, French a couple hundred years ago and German a few hundred years before that), where as the Macedonian language today still has a lot of similar if not the same words as it did when Aleksandar Makedonski spoke it, therefor proven by that and other historical findings that Macedonians and the Macedonian language originated from ancient Macedonia. DA ZIVEE MAKEDONIJA!!!

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