Macedonians in Greece according to the TIME Almanac 2010!



7 Responses to “Macedonians in Greece according to the TIME Almanac 2010!”

  1. contoveros Says:


    I think.I visited Santorini last year and was surprised at the many non-Greeks working at the Island. Worse yet, were some of my fellow Greeks that resented others from taking the lower paying jobs that many Greeks refused to take, particularly in the lower end of the service industry.

    Kind of like a few people in my USA that oppose immigration reform and are critical of Mexicans crossing the border.

    Hell, ALL Americans were immigrants at one time, even the ones on the Mayflower and those who went to Jamestown.

    michael j

    Thanks for such an informative post.

  2. mkdnetz Says:

    hi! i read near to everday some of this page.
    i realy would be gratefull if u let me use info from your page to build one like this first in spanish and then in german to incluide it in mailing lists,in facebook and anywhere i can to join the cause.

    regards gavril

    • makedonika Says:


      You have my permission to use the material provided by Makedonika: The Macedonian Blog, please do give credit where credit is due.

      The more that are spreading the Macedonian Truth the merrier! 🙂

      Best regards

      • mkdnetz Says:

        of course there ll be a link to your page and u ll get all the credits!

        would be nice to translate the page in other languages too.
        well , thanks again and u all ready know my e-mail, ur welcome for any sugestion!


      • studiipolitice Says:

        I wanna do the same thing for translate it into romanian

      • makedonika Says:


        You have my permission to do so, under the same agreement as with Mkdnetz.

        The more people that tell the truth about Macedonia and us Macedonians the better!

  3. mkdnetz Says:


    im translating now for sever days things from here and other pages + im trying to include interesting stuff from books of Andrew Rossos.

    So we may do something together,
    actually i would like to make one of those TV Stations in youtube, and interview some people and stuff like that.

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