Macedonians mentioned in US newspapers, 1902-1939!



2 Responses to “Macedonians mentioned in US newspapers, 1902-1939!”

  1. Char Says:

    Dearest Brothers & Sisters
    Let us all be pracmatic and realistic. You are here, I am here.
    We have more need of each other, than we have problems to divide us. Both sides need to end the endless nitpicking about history, and see the wolf that is about to eat both of us.
    You only need to have one marriage in the family from north and south Macedonia, to realise that we are brothers and sisters in more ways than one.
    The disaster that may be coming to North & South Macedonia within the next 20 years will be as a result of the sins committed by the north & south.
    God willing, the European Union, will mean that there is no barb wire between one Geographic area and another. We should all be working to ensure that every cultural flower stays alive and strong. It will be a sad place when there is only one flower in the whole world.

  2. makedonika Says:


    I see that you have started to promote “North” as an alternative, might you be Greek my friend?

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