To our Brothers the Macedonians, 1905!

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3 Responses to “To our Brothers the Macedonians, 1905!”

  1. James Dioneff Jr Says:

    Long live the memory of our Brothers the Macedonians, 1905!

  2. Vodenka Says:

    Here bellow you can find the very interesting comment of the above, made by “Abecedar” in the Maknews forum in the greek language section:

    This is the official public proclamation of the Greek-Macedonian Committee in 1905. It is found in the files of Institution of Studies of Peninsula of Emou. (2) I do not know its content. Much probably it is still one propaganda fairytale of Greek Komitatzi with a view to butter up the Macedonians back in 1905. Anyway, let’s examine carefully the cover of the PROCLAMATION. It has many things to tell us: First of all the entire name itself Ellinomakentonski Komitet/Greek-Macedonian Committee implies that one thing is to be a Macedonian and another to be a Greek. As it is when we say Greek-French or Greek-British etc committee. It addresses obviously… the Macedonians and this is the reason it is written in the Macedonian language, although with use of Greek alphabet. It does not address to, any, Greeks existing in, then, Ottoman Macedonia. It is obvious, also, that the same GreekMacedonian Committee does not consider them Macedonians and for this reason does not address them. Otherwise it would have be written in the Greek language or in Vlachian (aka Mertzos) or in Arvanite or in…Pontian (well these came after 1922)! By the things the PROCLAMATION and its writers, Macadonianfighters (3) over any suspicion, they write, not only they recognize the Macedonian language (with use of Greek alphabet) but they recognize also that the speakers are Macedonians. (4) The word “komitato” means committee. In the Greek historiography the term “komitatzis” means the one that is member of a committee that acted in then Ottoman Macedonia, and more especially the Bulgarians, who caused slaughters at the expense of non-combatant population, mainly at the Macedonians. Respectively the members of Greek Macedonian commitee co-existed with those komitatzides who “hand in hand” with Bulgarian komitazides slaughtered the Macedonian population in 1900-. (5)

  3. Jovan Says:

    Нема Mакедониja, има БЪЛГАРИЯ!

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