Makedonika will be moving……

All of my postings will be made on and

!!!!Please click the links for my latest findings!!!!


2 Responses to “Makedonika will be moving……”

  1. Dimitrija Says:

    congratulations on the quality website, it is a credit and work justifying personal pride, the articles are intelligent and discerned. No comment can possibly be made with respect to them. Congratulations on your scholarship, I hope this site will be linked or embedded to the ‘Truth’ site into the future.
    Again, thank you

  2. makedonika Says:


    Thank you for your kind words, they inspire me to search for more thruths about us Macedonians.
    If you look at the front page of Macedonian Truth Organization you will notice that all postings from Makedonika are over there as well….. 😉

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