Sclavonic is spoken in Macedon, Greek is a dead tongue, 1630!

Title page.

Page 373.

Page 374.

Source: “Epistolae Ho-Elianae:Familiar letters” by James Howell, 10th edition, 1737.

As you readers can see for yourself, James Howell was an eyewitness to the state of things in 1630, he correctly notes that Sclavonic(Slavic) is spoken in all of Macedon(Macedonia) and that the Greek is an almost dead language of his time, only spoken in a few places and very degenerate at that, it is as if the “nation of the Greeks” does not exist, they are nowhere to be found. They are more Barbarian then the Barbarians themselves.

So why do our modern Greeks claim that we Macedonians never existed and that Macedonia has a 4000 year old “Greek” history, you must be an imbecile to even consider such a Propagandistic view of history.

History has spoken.


3 Responses to “Sclavonic is spoken in Macedon, Greek is a dead tongue, 1630!”

  1. SVAC Says:

    I see there are lots of Greeks visiting this site but no comments.
    What does their silence mean? Do they accept the truth?

  2. costas Says:

    My dear friends
    Greek lives on in almost all scientific, theoretical,
    fields of interest so please trie to be a lesser FANATIC
    for your sake stop beating a dead horse.

  3. WILLIAM Says:

    Costas, are you talking about ancient Greeks or modern? Keep hanging on to your romance with Your one sided and untruthful History. When you realise that your romantic partner (history) was not true to you, it will leave you broken hearted. Is that your fear? You can deny it as much as you can but in reality and no matter how much you kid your self, You are not meant to be together and it will be exposed. Infact its happening before your eyes, just to blind and stupid to see it.

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