Albert Kahn’s photographers were in Macedonia, 1912!

Here are two pictures taken by Albert Kahn’s photographers in Macedonia. The pictures are from 1912 and they are one of the first in the world taken in color. Please notice Macedonia written in French “MACEDOINE” on the left hand part of the pictures.

Here is a map were Macedonia was according to the documentary.

Taken from the BBC documentary series “Edwardians In Colour The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn” episode 3 “Europe on the Brink”.


4 Responses to “Albert Kahn’s photographers were in Macedonia, 1912!”

  1. Metodija Says:

    But wait those outfits don’t look greek. Ops I forgot, Turkish Christian settlers came 10 years after these pictures were taken…

  2. makedonika Says:


    you are very correct, the Greeks feels so pretty in their Albanian fustanella……. they even made it their national dress…. :p

  3. Danny K. Says:

    I am Macedonian so this question is not meant to cause trouble. But if these pictures are from 1912, how can they be in color? Color photography didn’t come about until the 1930’s at the earliest.

  4. Danny K. Says:

    I stand corrected!

    I guess there were color pictures at the time.

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