Macedonia found on an antique map of Europe by Stumpf, 1548!

Click this link to see the complete map:

Map by Stumpf, 1548, full version

Here is a partial view of the same map highlighting Macedonia, the map is drawn with south being on top of the map thus Macedonia is in the top left corner;

Map by Stumpf, 1548, partial version, Macedonia

Here is the information of the above map and a short description:

MAKER: Stumpf
TITLE: Europa / die erste Tafel des Ersten Buchs
SIZE (hxw cms): 28 x 38.5
CONDITION: The overall quality of this antique map is excellent
DESCRIPTION: Very rare map of Europe, published in the Schweitzer Chronik. The map is a derivative of the earlier map by Sebastian Münster, but is much rarer and far more sought because of all the decorations.


13 Responses to “Macedonia found on an antique map of Europe by Stumpf, 1548!”

  1. Evan Says:

    Holly sh*t!! they left the Ottoman empire out – lol
    what?? no Serbia in 1548?? and look what happened to the Aegean sea – It’s been taken over by the Black sea 😉
    naaaah! I think this is a recently “doctored” map

  2. Evan Says:

    Seriously though, what does this prove? that he listed Macedonia on the map, separate from Greece? Besides at that time Greece was not a defined area being under Ottoman occupation. Macedonia as a region existed for 4000 years.
    take a look at the original map:
    Notice the subtle changes in the lettering? “Macedonia” went from lower case to upper case. Looking at all maps by Sebastian Münster, one can see that he had a vague idea of geography, but he couldn’t be taken seriously for accuracy.
    This post though, highlights the extent to which Macedonians will go to in their propaganda. One would think they are trying to convince themselves, not world opinion.

    Edited by makedonika: Show respect, one more time you mention anything fyro here you will be exposed.

  3. Stuart Lettley Says:

    According to this map, Macedonia covers an area to the east of Salonica and to the west of Istanbul. This is present day Thrace, the eastern part of which is in present day Greece while the Western part is in present day Turkey. I should at this point congratulate you for unearthing this truly remarkable map and put a full stop to my comment. Considering though that the scope of your blog is to prove to the world that the newly formed country of the Republic of Macedonia and its inhabitants are Macedonians, and hence, all that at anytime in world history was Macedonia should now be under their rule, I need to point out 2 false presumptions of yours. First, you are not Macedonians but Slavs who are presently living in a small part of ancient Macedonia. Secondly, the fact that you now control this area does not mean that you are entitled to all else that was Macedonia.
    This matter will soon be settled I think between the governments of Greece and the Republic of Macedonia with the name of Republic of North Macedonia.

    Edited and commented by makedonika: No fyrom here, one more time and you are out. Thanks for your explanation but it is not necessary because the map is quite good on its own.

  4. Stuart Lettley Says:

    I am sorry for intruding in your world. I did not realise immediately that your blog was intended only for a specific segment of the world population, ie those people that wish to applaude your methods and congradulate you on your facsist goals. I will however point out that the word the Republic of Macedonia that you so much detest is being used by ALL INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS and hence can by no means be considered an insult to be edited. No need to THROUGH me out, I will now show myself OUT. The company you are seeking is very private and you should have pointed this out from the beginning.

    Edited and commented by makedonika: most use the more appropriate name of FYR Macedonia.

  5. Stuart Lettley Says:

    Sorry for the spelling error, the correct word is THROW and not THROUGH.

  6. Evan Says:

    Apologies if my reference offended, it was not my intention. I unreservedly retract it, as in fact I retract the entire last paragraph.
    For the record, I have no problem referring to you as Macedonian, because that’s what you are, just not in the context that you claim it.

  7. Stuart Lettley Says:

    Republic Of Macedonia

    Edited by makedonika: Bye bye Stuart the Neohellene.

  8. Stuart Lettley Says:

    Once agai I apologise ( I could not resist the urge)

  9. Stuart Lettley Says:

    I am now out and will not come in even if you beg me.
    Best Regards

  10. Svac Says:

    ….just barking….
    poor stuart

  11. rade Says:

    At the end of day, the past is the past. Move on !!!!

  12. Istor the Macedonian Says:

    Macedonian is whoever is proud of that campaign that Macedonians did to spread Greek Language and Civilization to the World, right?

    Macedonian, therefore Greek.

  13. makedonika Says:


    I will leave your post unedited, it is not every day you get graced by the finest of Zeus children. Istor the legend and the master of parroting! Bravo for telling the world about us!! Thank you!

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