Macedonian to be found in the US army, fighting in WWI!

As Macedonian immigrants arrived to U.S. they were living the full freedom of self determination.

From the beginning of the first World War in 1914, the U.S.A had a neutral position and managed to keep itself from being involved in the “Big War”.

But that position was abandoned in 1917, when 24 million American recruits were sent to participate in the war in Europe.

Among those recruits were soldiers of Macedonian origin from Ohio.

Facing the opportunity to declare them self as “Bulgarians” and to avoid the drafting, they choose to remain Macedonians, and gave their lives in the war.

According to the proclamation of the President of the U.S.A, Woodrow Wilson, all men of German origin, including the allies of Germany, were declared as alienated enemies and were discharged from army service.

So, Bulgaria as a German ally was included in this proclamation of the U.S. President. All men of Bulgarian origin were released from the drafting.

These brave Macedonians, choose to fight in this war along with the American troops, and to die only as MACEDONIANS.

To be noted in the below picture: 1924 State of MACEDONIA.


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  1. gandeto Says:

    may the sun always shine upon your shoulder
    my dear brother/sister
    your contribution has no equal

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