National Geographic, On the Monastir road, 1917!

“Neither Bulgar nor Serb,” said one such old woman, defiantly, when we left the Monastir road at Dobraveni. “I am Macedonian only and I am sick of war.”

Taken from The National Geographic Magazine, “On the Monastir Road”, May 1917, page 388.


4 Responses to “National Geographic, On the Monastir road, 1917!”

  1. Aleksandar Says:

    daj da go sredime nasheto gjubre vo dvorot prvo!!!!

  2. theonoa Says:

    she was greek

  3. makedonika Says:


    You must be stupid, can’t you read? She clearly states that she is MACEDONIAN.

  4. slavco Says:

    theonoa, you stupid cow.

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