The book that should not exist, Macedonian-Greek lexicon from 1907 continued…

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Taken from the book:
Sumvolai eis tin Diglossian ton Makedonon ek sugkriseos tis Slavophanous Makedonikis glossis pros tin Ellinikin upo K. I. Tsioulka, Athens 1907.


This book puts an end to the official propaganda created by the Greek government that there exists no Macedonian language.

This book should be used as evidence in the talks with Nimitz about the name of the Republic of Macedonia.

Higher quality pictures can be provided on request.


19 Responses to “The book that should not exist, Macedonian-Greek lexicon from 1907 continued…”

  1. Mario Says:

    Did you send Mr. Nimitz an email? I think it’s time…

  2. makedonika Says:


    Not yet, but will surely do. We must get the Macedonian media to pick up on this information.
    Please spread this link around Mario.

    Golem pozdrav od makedonika

  3. Mario Says:


    I did it…

    You can also take a look at, it’s a German and Macedonian speaking forum(but you can also talk in English), maybe you can find some articles.

    I followed the link “За Македонцките Работи” and found there very interesting pictures of old newspapers, really, really amazing…

    Have you read “The Macedonian knot” from Dr. Hans-Lothar Steppan? I have only the German version, but there should exist a Macedonian too.

    And this book should be also interesting:

    pozdrav mario

  4. makedonika Says:


    Fala za postiranjeto za ova kniga na tvojata vebstranitsa.

    Si ja imam knigata od Steppan nekade na harddrivot ama ne mozham da ja najdam sega, ako mozhesh prati mi edna kopia.

    The book Fields of Wheat and Hills of Blood is already in my collection. 😉

  5. Boro Says:

    Moze da stavish link od taa kniga.

  6. makedonika Says:


    link za koja od knigite? Fields of wheat and hills of blood ja nemam vo digitalna forma.

  7. Mario Says:


    Look at this:

  8. Boro Says:

    @Makedonika !

    Pa za nea i barav , ama ako ja imash naslovnata shto e moze i od nea nema da bide na odmet da se ima i taa kniga.

  9. makedonika Says:


    Fala za poklonot! Odlichna rabota! Bravo!

  10. Dimitris Says:

    greece doesnt say that there are no macedonians.

    greece says:
    Nowadays the term ‘Macedonians’ refer to people with many ethnic identities.
    Greek Macedonians, Slav Macedonians, Bulgarian Macedonians.
    Its simple, if we all want to live in peace.

    This book refers to BILINGUAL Macedonians (from all ethnic identities). Greeks call this language Slavmacedonian, and it was a spoken language(without written form) common for all. Also this book claims that Slavmacedonian language is a Greek dialect such as Tsakonika (the language in the first collumn). Me as a greek i dont agree with the book, I think that this language is more similar to Bulgarian, althought it has many greek words.

    Commented by makedonika: Sir, the book does NOT call the language “slavmacedonian” as you say but rather slavic-like MACEDONIAN, that is quite a difference Sir. The language is Macedonian. The book describes the language of the people speaking a Slavic-like language thus the Macedonians, because the Greeks were speaking Greek, dont you agree?

  11. Dimitris Says:


    I dont disagree with you, you translated the books title right.

    But dont forget that this book written during a period we call “macedonian struggle” in 1907, by a greek teacher in a greek school in Bitola (We call it Monastiri in Greek). During this struggle Greeks called every one (bilingual or not) in Macedonia as Macedonian (having in mind that Macedonians are Greeks, because macedonia is a greek name) in order to separate the Macedonians from Bulgarians and gain more people and land. It has a little propaganda in it. On the other hand Bulgarian make her own propaganda in macedonia, and Serbia too.

    You see for yourself that Greeks existed in Macedonia before 1912 (even in your side of Macedonia) as this teacher in Bitola.

    Me as a greek, i believe that nowadays the name macedonia needs sharing.
    Noone can have it all, becouse many nations live in macedonia since houndrends of years.

    Thats why greece asks you to have a definition in your name, such as Slav-, Gorna- etc.

    peace to the balkans

    Commented by makedonika: You seem quite sober about the name issue, but you have to have an open mind when it comes to the Macedonians, you have been spoon fed all your life that there is no such thing as a Macedonian that is not Greek, that was not the fact back in the late 19th and early 20th century, then your compatriots referred to us as Macedonians speaking Macedonian plain and simple, if you do not believe me go into a public library in Greece and loan the book Pavlos Melas written by his wife Nathalia Melas published in 1963, it is his memoirs based on all the letters that he sent his wife during his tour in Macedonia 1904 until his death by the hand of Mitre Vlahot.

    Tisoulkas was a teacher in a Greek school, that would make him a native Vlah or a Greek sent from the south, namely Athens.

    Most Greeks in Bitola were ethnic Vlahs at the turn of the last century.

    We do not mind sharing, just recognize the Macedonian minority within your borders and we shall all live in harmony. You are Greek we are Macedonians plain and simple.

    We do not need to add anything more to our name than what we already have, the REPUBLIC of Macedonia is differentiation enough, when you will name yourselves the Republic of Macedonia, then we will have an issue with you, until that time there is no problem.

  12. Dimitris Says:

    During the late 19th century and early 20th Greeks (among them Pavlos Melas) called the mixed christian population (Grecophones, Slavophones, Vlachophones,Bulgarphones etc) of the Ottoman Macedonia as Macedonians. They chose this glorious ancient greek name, in order to calculate this population as greeks and, as i told you, to gain more people and land in macedonia. Many people reacted in Greek ,Serbian and Bulgarian nationalism. Thats the roots of macedonism. From these people some are Greeks now, some Bulgarians, some Serbs and some still call themselves Macedonians. I cant deny this to you since your ancestors lived in Macedonia houndrends of years. But also other people who dont live in your country name themselvs as macedonians and are Greek. And their ancestors lived in macedonia too. (i dont talk about the greek refugees).
    Among the Greek Macedonians, I admit that there are some people that say I’ m Macedonian not Greek. They are about 4.000 in villages near Florina (Lerin) if we concider the votes of the Rainbow Party. I am not sure that this number makes a minority by UN standards. All people in Greece have the rights of a European and they dont treated as a minority. Also, i dont think that Greece can recognize a Macedonian minority within Macedonia. Because many other people feel Macedonians too in a different way that you feel. The problem is too complicated for showing implacability.

    thats why we believe that the best discrimination between our people is Greek Macedonian-Slav Macedonian.

    In that way I think Greece could recognize a Slav Macedonian ethnicity (a minority) in Greek Macedonia.

    What i ‘ve told you before as an historical fact (that ancient macedonians were a greek tribe, about the roots of macedonism etc.) is not greek propaganda, is what inernational historians believe and what international universities teach.


  13. bojancho Says:

    You seem to assert that the nationalities, or people, present before the 20th century were only Greeks, Serbians and Bulgarians. Do you wish to suggest that we, Macedonians, are descendants of one of these groups of people (namely Bulgarian) and as such we have less of a right to call ourselves Macedonians? That we are a fabricated race/people/nationality?

    Another issue I have with what you say is that you assert that the number of votes a political party gets would reflect the number of Macedonians living in Greece. Even if it WAS 4000, which I assure you it isn’t, UN standards and European standards dictate that rights be given to people to self-determine and to culturally express themselves. Turkey recognizes a minority of Greeks numbering 15000 I believe. Romanians, for example, recognize minorities that number less than 4000.
    Czechs = 4000
    Poles = 3500
    Italians = 3200
    Chinese =2200
    Armenians = 1700
    That is far less than the supposed votes that Rainbow got. Minorities are recognized and much lower numbers than that. Besides, you cannot know the true number unless you have a census. But if you did, that would ruin the “pure nation” myth.

    And finally, regarding the Macedonians being a Greek tribe. Historians disagree and debate whether the ancient Macedonians were Greek or not. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest they were not, such as their own culture, language, institution and so on. Many international historians conclude that they were not Greek, but a separate people. Evidence is coming to light that Hellenism and Hellenic architecture had been spread to the middle east far earlier before Alexander’s campaigns, which was the only evidence available to suggest that he had spread the Hellenic culture. So no, the Macedonians were not a Greek tribe, nor does every university teach it to be so.

  14. Dimitris Says:

    @ makedonika

    Why did you deleted my answer to bojancho ?

    because i wrote that Aristotelis (a macedonian born in Stageira, Chalkidiki, Macedonia) was a greek philosopher?

    This is the way you react to my argumentation?
    By deleting comments you dont like?

  15. Svac Says:

    @ dimitris
    I see either you are a little bit confused or you want to be a great philosopher. Everything is so simple: genocide over Macedonians because of land.
    You say that bulgaria and serbia did propaganda on the territory of Macedonia but you were so honest you did nothing just a genocide.

  16. Kate Says:

    The ominous prophecy of Harilaos Trikoupis, Greek Prime Minister from 1882 to 1895, foretold what the neighboring Greek state had in mind for Macedonia and its people:
    “When the Great War comes, Macedonia will become Greek or Bulgarian, according to who wins. If it is taken by the Bulgarians, they will make the population Slavs. If we take it, we will make all of them Greeks”.

  17. Kristijan Says:

    @ Dimitris

    have you looked up the greek census of 1920, where Macedonians were regarded as a seperate race. What about under the treaty of Versailles where the macedonians in greece were given their proper rights and you wrote a book called the ABECEDAR for the macedonianbs children but then got rid of it????

  18. Dionysos Says:

    it says slav-macedonian which is something the Greeks have no problem calling you.

    it never says Macedonian alone with the connotations you wish it to.

    nice try

  19. makedonika Says:


    I will leave your comment unaltered for the sake of showing your lacking Greek language skills.

    It says and let me quote the text:

    Taken from the book:
    Sumvolai eis tin Diglossian ton Makedonon ek sugkriseos tis Slavophanous Makedonikis glossis pros tin Ellinikin upo K. I. Tsioulka, Athens 1907.


    Nowhere does it say “slav-macedonian” but rather the Slavic-like MACEDONIAN.


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