Macedonians suspects that Bulgarians and Serbs will divide them, 1905!


Sveta Simic, representative of the Kingdom of Serbia in Bulgaria, to Jovan Jovanovich-Pizon, head of the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade.

D. Gruev again visited me last Saturday. D. Hristov also chanced to be in my house, so we spent more then 3 hours in discussion. The Macedonians have been afraid that the Bulgarians and we agreed to divide them, and accordingly they are the only ones left to frown at the Imperial Alliance. They suspect it hides something else. They continually make agreements and preparations but undertake nothing more serious. They constantly send smaller bands and ammunition into their country. All their activity is reduced to this only in present. They would like to make an agreement with us, but such as to sacrifice nothing of what they call their autonomy. They have come to see more and more that there are obstacles before them which they cannot fight successfully, and under the influence of which they continually lose their importance as an authoritative factor in the development of the Macedonian question. This is what hurts them immensely. They are divided among themselves, just as before. The differences of their views also intensify their personal hatred, which makes some of them avoid the others, plotting among themselves… Unfavorable rumors reach us from Macedonia, too. The people, craving for freedom, would like to reject their yoke and uncertainty as soon as possible, so that they would be ready for some decisive steps as well, but their distrust both of their leaders and Bulgaria prevent them. Under the influence of the news about the Imperial Alliance a mood has been created in which they would like to be freed from their yoke at any cost, even if they were compelled to come under Bulgaria and Serbia. And if these two did not help them, they would gladly accept Austrian occupation, as well…

From “Arhiv SFR Jugoslavije (Belgrade) – Fond Jovan Jovanovic-Pizon, 80 (1905)”


2 Responses to “Macedonians suspects that Bulgarians and Serbs will divide them, 1905!”

  1. Mario Says:

    Did you read “On Macedonian Matters” ? If not…here’s the link:
    There’s more information, that we are not Serbians, Bulgarians or Greeks.

    “The work of the Serbs was not without result in settling the Macedonian question.

    Through their schools in Macedonia the Serbs managed to bring the other Europeans and the Russians round to thinking that there was a Serb population in Macedonia. This illusion was even passed off as a tact to the leaders of the Great Powers.”

  2. Mr. Zoran Zoki Tilev Says:

    United we stand divided we fall. Macedonia will be liberated. There is only way way do deal with bullies you stand and fight back.

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