YouTube, The Macedonians of Greece speak out! COMPLETE!

PART 1/6

PART 2/6

PART 3/6

PART 4/6

PART 5/6

PART 6/6

This video is recorded in Northern Greece or Aegean macedonia, it talks about the Macedonians there. According to them its estimated that there are 250 000 Macedonian Speaking people and lots more who do not know the language. There are greeks who accept this fact and support them but there are greeks who do not.
This video has been uploaded to inspire the Aegean macedonians to teach their kids Macedonian, for the Macedonians in Vardar Macedonia that had doubts about the existence of Aegean Macedonians, and for the Greeks, not to offend them but to make them accept it and realise.
We are all human after all. We share the same religion-Christianity!
This video is recorded mostly in Kostur, Lerin, Voden.
Support for all Macedonians.

A big thanks goes out to macedonian for providing these videos.

4 Responses to “YouTube, The Macedonians of Greece speak out! COMPLETE!”

  1. crnorizec Says:

    makedonika, why are the videos parts 4, 5 and 6 no longer available?

  2. makedonika Says:


    they are all there and working…. try again.

  3. edgar Says:

    very interesting

  4. gandeto Says:

    The Macedonian villages reek with Macedonian soul.

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