YouTube, The Macedonians of Greece speak out! Now with subtitles in English!

This program is called “Vo Centar: Egejska Makedonija”(In Centrum: Aegean Macedonia) it was aired on Macedonian television 2008.05.06


7 Responses to “YouTube, The Macedonians of Greece speak out! Now with subtitles in English!”

  1. Stavros Vavouyios Says:

    Macedonia was and will always be part of Greece!

    I’m a proud Greek Macedonian born in Kozani!

    Ancient Macedonians were a Greek tribe! They didn’t speak Slavic!

    I feel sad for your Slavic people not having an identity!

    Really you all claim to be the descendants of the ancient Macedonians and your Slavic tribes moved to the Balkans which century? The 6th? And you all are related to Alexander the Great?

    I think you were better off with Tito because then you had a country called Yugoslavia!

    Every educated human being laughs with this site, because it is a joke!

  2. makedonika Says:


    Just go thru all the documents on this Blog and then tell me it is a joke, the persons in this video are Greeks like you but not to Ethnicity which is Macedonian.

    Seeing that you are from Kozani, I must ask if you are a Vlachoi or an Arvanites?

  3. VMRO Says:

    Kozani was populated with Vlahs and Turks, both Christian and Muslim, north of Kozani was full of Macedonians.

  4. makedonas Says:

    macedonia is greek.
    you know that very well.
    so what if 5000 people with bulgarian nationality live now in macedonia?
    we have no problem.

    Commented by makedonika: are you speaking of the Bulgarians in Serres? I speak of the ethnic Macedonians.

  5. Stavros Vavouyios Says:

    Neither of the two! All the Greeks that live in and around Kozani and even in Thessaloniki are GREEK MACEDONIANS=
    GREEKS=HELLENES. Vlahoi and Arvanites have been assimilated centuries ago into the Greek culture. No Greek walks around and says “Hey I am an Arvanites, hey I am a Vlahos. There are no Slavs that live in Greek Macedonia that are being denied their ethnic identity. Even if there were Slavs in Greece no one is denying their Slavic ethnicity, because their ethnic identity is Slavic. Pure and simple. You guys from Skopia need to find an ethnic identity and not try to steal my GREEK=MACEDONIAN culture and pretend you have the same blood with Alexander the Great, or that you are descendants of the Ancient Macedonians. Now that is a discrace! You guys are SLAVS and you have no ties to Alexander the Great. Your Slavic tribes moved in the Macedonian region sometime in the 6th century. That does not entitle you to use and call yourselves Macedonians because you are not! The same thing would also stand for me if I were to move to Oklahoma and start saying that I am an American Indian. Get it? I suggest you Slavs go back to your history and try to rediscover your Slavic roots because one thing is for sure:
    Slavs are not Macedonians, MACEDONIANS are GREEK!!!!!!!

    Commented by makedonika: so you claim purity, please tell me from which part and villages you come from in Greek occupied Macedonia?

  6. makedonika Says:


    If you are neither what are you then? Are you a Prosfiga?

  7. makedonka Says:


    Please check latest DNA test done in Switzerland. That will answer your question about our IDENTITY and clear your BRAINWASHED HEAD!!!

    Have a nice CHRISTMAS!

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