Macedonia noted on a map by the National Geographic, 1962!


Click HERE to see the full map.

The name of the map is;

THE BALKANS, Atlas Plate 39, February 1962, Compiled and Drawn in the Cartographic Division of the National Geographic Society for THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE. Melville Bell Grosvenor, Editor, James M. Darley, Chief Cartographer.

Scale 1:2154240



11 Responses to “Macedonia noted on a map by the National Geographic, 1962!”

  1. stefanos Says:

    The map is absolutely accurate.
    It shows a part of Yugoslavia (notice the country borders) being self-named Macedonia, obviously a province of Yugoslavia.
    The problem with Macedonians is that they are trying to extrapolate a province’s name into a country’s name, preferably stealing a neighbor’s culture in the process.
    Obviously 60 years of communist brainwashing is stronger than their common sense.

    Edited by makedonika: fyromians is not a Nationality nor an Ethnicity, WE ARE MACEDONIANS, this is your first warning!


    If you were Macedonian, you would be Greek


    Edited by makedonika: I am quite tired of listening to your drivel, I thought it would take some intelligence to become a QC Director, but hey you managed……. this is your last warning Dimitrios, next time you post your Racist crap here the world will know all about you, from Liberty to Bluff…… you have been warned!

  3. Bojan Says:

    “It shows a part of Yugoslavia (notice the country borders) being self-named Macedonia, obviously a province of Yugoslavia.”

    Shows how much you know. Not “obviously a province of Yugoslavia”, rather a constituent country. Kinda like England, and Scotland are in the UK.


    Macedonian = ethnicity
    Greek = ethnicity

    One cannot be both an ethnic Greek and an ethnic Macedonian. You call yourself Macedonian because you live in a province which bears the name Macedonia. That does not make you an ethnic Macedonian. You still are an ethnic Greek (which by itself is also questionable) who resides in an area called Macedonia.
    An ethnic Macedonian is a Macedonian by origin and happens to live on the same region.

    A difference which you dare not make.

  4. Mario Says:

    Macedonia is nothing stealing.
    The first time when a part of macedonia was in Greece was at 1912. Before it was never (in) Greece, alright?

    Look at these books:
    The Greek and Macedonian Art of War – Frank E. Adcock

    The Ancient History V4: Of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Medes and Persians, Grecians and Macedonians – Charles Rollin

    Ancient Macedonians: Differences Between the Ancient Macedonians and the Ancient Greeks – J. S. Gandeto

    You can see, that more historians say that Greeks weren’t Macedonians.

  5. Metodija Says:


    On this website alone there is so much objective information/proof about the Macedonian people and still you continue with your greek propaganda BS. So who is brainwashed?

    Before you try to convince yourself that the ancient Macedonians were greek you should start with showing that modern greeks are a breed of the ancient greeks. The “greeks” of today can’t speak or understand the old attic greek language so how can you call yourself a descendant of the ancient greeks if don’t speak there language?

    You are not and NEVER will be a Macedonian! What you are is a son of Caucasus.

    The history is written by the winner, but TRUTH WILL ALWAYS WIN!

  6. Selfpo Says:

    Did you see the name MACEDONIA in Southern Yugoslavia, and in Northen Greece also?

    This is a 1962 map!

    And this is a proof that Greece did used this name for its province even before 1989, such as Yugoslavia. But the Slavomacedonian nationalists (and unfortunatelly not only them) claim that the name Macedonia was forbiden until 1989! In fact we renamed the ministry of Northen Greece in ministry of Macedonia and Thraki. But the region was allways called MAKEDONIA (cental, eastern, western).

    Greek= ethnicity
    Bulgarian= ethnicity
    Turkish= ethnicity

    All those ethnic groups lived in Macedonia, and some live until nowadays!

    Commented and edited by makedonika: slavmacedonian is not a Nationality nor an Ethnicity, the correct term is Macedonian.
    Macedonia was a FEDERAL REPUBLIC within Yugoslavia, that is something else than a geographical description. You should learn what the word FEDERAL means.

  7. Selfpo Says:


    there is nothing to prove about the ancient Macedonians!

    Everyone in the world knows that Aristotelis (born in Stageira, Halkidiki, Macedonia) was a greek philosopher!

    Except the Macedonian Ethnicity manufacturers!

    An educated person in greece can understand the attik greek language (the words are almost the same but the grammar and the syntax differs).

    But we can speak and write Alexandrini Koini Greek language!

    Edited by makedonika: there is no Nationality or Ethnicity that is called slavmacedonian, the correct term is MACEDONIAN and nothing else, use the correct term or go and post your comments on google instead.

  8. Megaman Says:

    Bravo moderators! I’m happy to see you moderate these racist Asia Minor settlers by not allowing their crap.

    Macedonia is only Macedonia and nothing else!

    If we can bring back Alexander the Great from the dead, and he says that “Macedonia was never greek”(which is true) with his own lips, these turds will come up with some more ridiculous propaganda to try to steal the name Macedonia!

  9. Macedonian from Sweden Says:

    There has been done dna testings on people from both Macedonia and Greece. The tests were made in Madrid, Spain. It concluded that indeed todays Macedonians are direct descendents of the ancient ones. HOWEVER my good friends. We maceedonians have the same DNA as the GREEKS… So.. both we the macedonians are right and the greeks are right.. in many things… and wrong in many others.. I think both countries should sit down and bring forward the things we have in common historically instead of fighting like this.. Stupid.. The proof is here.. We are Macedonians.. Greece cannot deny this.. Dna doesnt lie.. But they are right when they say ancient macedonians spoke greek.. for those Macedonians who dont agree.. Take a trip to Heraclea in bitola.. and tell me what language the buildings are written in?:).. time to reconsile.. no more fighting..

  10. Voya Says:

    @ Macedonian of Sweden

    There are both Hellenic and Latin inscriptions in Heraclea. Which ofcourse means, the officials from Macedonia spoke the Koine Hellenic version, as it was lingua franca of the time.

    Cut your crap, unless you can say that Thracians, Illirians (extending to Slovenia), Moesians, Skythians too are Hellenic, because their inscriptions are written in the same language.

    The DNA in northern Greece may be close to the Macedonian, because 1 million out of 2.5 mil, are of Macedonian origin, prior to the Greek occupation. The rest of the DNA, is the closest one with Turkey. Neither Kurds have such close with them.


    Macedonia was not a province in Yugoslavia. Macedonia was a federal state. So when that state became independent, it carried the same name as it was in former Yugoslavia, the Republic of Macedonia.

  11. gandeto Says:

    Greeks will invent legends and myths to fill the gaps [and there are quite a few] from their past for which they have no explanations. A sorry state of affairs when one is constantly forced to think “within the box” their government prescribes for them.
    Their myopic thinking [combined pomposity and lunacy] at the end will be their greatest pitfall.

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