YouTube video, The Macedonians in Lerin(Florina), Greece!

The people that do not exist in Greece, the Macedonian minority! They are called “Dopi” which means “Locals/Natives” in Greek which stands in contrast to the “Prosfiges” which means “Refugee” in Greek.

When will Greece acknowledge the Macedonian minority within its own boarders? When will the racism stop?


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    I marvel how you could believe that what those people said in the video can in any way be construed as “macedonian minority’ in Greece? Can you even understand Greek? As one with an extensive “DOPI” family still in Kozani, Florina and Amyntaio. Anyone asking them if the are macedonian would hear them say that they are and proud of it. No different if you went and asked a someone from Crete what they considered themself. You’re confusing regional identity with nationality. But then again thats your aim.

    What is nevers asked is if anyone considers themselves slavic macedonias?

    But I understand, historians in the Republic of Macedonia continue to accept communist-time scholarship as the base on which to build further research. The reluctance for a thorough reevaluation of communist historiography is mainly caused by the fact that the very nation of Macedonia is a result of communist Yugoslav policies, and this historiography had played a major role in the nation-building process. Historians therefore fear that substantial critique of communist historiography and of the Yugoslav period would jeopardize Macedonian national
    identity. There is no official effort for a re-evaluation of the communist past. Revisionist tendencies portray Yugoslavia as a peoples’ prison and have tried to rehabilitate personalities from Macedonian history, previously kept out of the national pantheon. The main dividing line is between historians who kept to the radical dissociation of Macedonian from Bulgarian history, and those who accepted the cultural proximity between these two peoples. Both tendencies, however, sharebasically nationalistic conceptualization of the past.

    Commented and edited by makedonika: Former Yugoslavia is exactly that, former not present, the present is REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. I sincerely think you should have some kind of Quality Control on your posts before you post them, just some friendly advice. Everything would be much easier to read then

  2. Youtube » YouTube video, The Macedonians in Lerin(Florina), Greece! Says:

    […] One – L’info – en – plus … wrote an interesting post today on YouTube video, The Macedonians in Lerin(Florina), Greece!Here’s a quick excerptThe people that do not exist in Greece, the Macedonian minority! […]

  3. John Says:

    First a clarification: The word is “ntopii” (as opposed to “ntopios”, singular; the word derives from “en topw”, which means from this place). In the part of Macedonia that I come from (SW), we used the word to describe someone from our village. Individuals from other villages/cities were called “Xeni”. And as far as I know, at all the neighboring villages, they looked at the outsiders as “Xenous”. Now, it so happened that there were no “prosfyges”, Vlachs, or Slavic speaking residents in the village. So, I find it very amusing (and strange) when I hear some self appointed “experts” stating that “ntopii” is a term used only by the Slavic speaking Macedonians of Greece. This begs the question: did the slavophones aquired this word from their greek speaking compatriots or is it a word that they kept even though they adapted another language (slavic)?
    It is true, that some of the slavic speaking residents of Greek Macedonia, do not consider themselves as ethnic Greeks. God Bless them!! Again, the issue is the name. I grew up (like my father, grandfather, and great great grandfather before me) identifying myself as Makedonas (geographic region) and Greek. The newly constructed “Macedonian ethnic identity”, creates a lot of confusion!!

    Commented by makedonika: Then there is no problem at all you are a Geographical Macedonian, an Ethnic Greek living in Macedonia using the name as an Geographical designator. Thank you for solving the socalled “name dispute”.

  4. Bojan Says:

    @ Dimitros

    4:17 – 4:30 What language is he speaking?

  5. Metodija Says:


    Take a look at:
    Chapter “Christian Orthodox Slavophones”

    The Christian portion of Greece’s Slavic-speaking minority are commonly referred to as Slavophones (from the Greek Σλαβόφωνοι Slavophōnoi – lit. Slavic-speakers) or Dopii, which means “locals” in Greek.

    Dopii == locals (macdonian), not greek refuges from former greeks territories in today’s turkey.

    To all Greeks reading the wikipedia website, there is no rush to update your “own” site because I can provide scanned images from original books saying the same thing in greek or English.


  6. John Says:


    Dopii==Locals; Yes. By definition, then, all ethnic/religious communities that lived (had roots) in geographical Macedonia were Dopii (in contrast to the communities of “prosphyges”). Macedonians WERE NOT the only community living in Macedonia. In addition, I gave you a definition (see previous posting) of “Dopios” (or more precisely “Ntopios”) based on my personal experience, which is more restrictive (geographically).
    Now, which part is confusing to you? And why the sarcasm (“To all Greeks…”)?

    Edited by makedonika: Macedonians, Thank you!

  7. Metodija Says:


    For your greek language skills you get a gold star. I particularly like the way you explain how this word come from that etc… Fantastic!

    Back to topic, this discussion is about the formulation used in the top of this post. Mr. Makedonika writes that Macedonian minority in greece call themselves for dopi nothing else.

  8. John Says:

    I thought that only your reasoning and writing skills were deficient. I apologize. Your reading and comprehension skills are not that great either.

  9. Metodija Says:

    Could you explain which greek words that sarcasm descend from?

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