YouTube video, I am Macedonian not Greek!

The elderly man in the video says to the reporter; “I am Macedonian, not Greek! My Aunt was raped infront of the children by the Greek soldiers”.

Word for word translation:
Q: You live in a village near the borders, you live here in Meliti, do you feel Greek?
A: No! (steadily)
Q: What do you feel?
A: Macedonian. My aunt was raped before the eyes of her father in law and her children.
Q: Who raped her?
A: The soldiers
Q: What soldiers?
A: The Greeks


5 Responses to “YouTube video, I am Macedonian not Greek!”

  1. Youtube » YouTube video, I am Macedonian not Greek! Says:

    […] makedonika wrote an interesting post today on YouTube video, I am Macedonian not Greek!Here’s a quick excerptI am Macedonian, not Greek! […]

  2. John Says:

    What exactly is your aim with these posts? Negativism is very cheap!! So is aimlessness. How about trying something constructive?

  3. Mario Says:

    Oh my god, where’s the video? Is the Greek censorship again in action?

  4. makedonika Says:


    I have provided another link to the video, always download the videos that are of importance to you, then you can upload them when necessary.

    Thanks for noticing it Mario, be well my friend.

  5. Mario Says:

    What does Gladstone said: “Macedonia to the Macedonians” 😉

    pozdrav od Austria

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