YouTube video, young Macedonian in Greece still speak his native language!

Young Macedonian from Greece recorded on camera when he speaks his native Macedonian with young woman from the Republic of Macedonia.


14 Responses to “YouTube video, young Macedonian in Greece still speak his native language!”


    Golly is this what you consider proof? Blinking lights with a voice over only? Lets try to remember what you learned at school. Lets begin with the reciting the proper means to achieve Historical Revisionism.

    1 Negationism.
    2 The selective use of facts
    3 The denial or derision of known facts
    4 Argument from ignorance
    5 The assumption of unproven facts
    6 The fabrication of facts
    7 The obfuscation of factsOf course the above techniques

    but then again only coward and foul believes his own lies
    why not post my comments and let the the audience decide

    Commented by makedonika: I think you should have some kind of Quality Control on your posts before you post them, just some friendly advice. Everything would be much easier to read then.

  2. John Says:

    God bless him!! Did anyone claim that there are no Slavic speaking people in Greece?

  3. makedonika Says:


    Yes infact the Greek government does this exact thing, there are no Linguistic Minorities in Greece, there is only a Religious Minority and that is the “Muslim Greeks”(read Turks) of Thrace.


    Does anyone in the Republic of Macedonia speaks Greek? Let’ s start the discussion about huge Greek minority in Skopjie, Bitola etc. I know many of them!

    Edited by makedonika: This is your first warning, there is no country named slavomacedonia, if you keep up with your Racism you will face the consequenses of such behavior. You have been warned.

  5. John Says:

    ( Please delete my previous post. I noticed there are a couple of typos; here is the corrected version. Thanks)

    The Greek goverment recognizes that there are slavic speaking people in Macedonia. Some of those (slavic speaking) declare that they don’t identify with the Greek ethinicity. No problem. The problem comes in when they declare that they are ethnic Macedonians. The Greek goverment (and all the Greeks) do not accept the existence of a Macedonian ethnicity. I know it is hard for you to accept this (and understandable). And it is not only the Greek goverment (and the Greeks) that hold that point of view. If I am not mistaken, none of your neighbors accepts the existence of a Macedonian ethnicity. If you are interested in an independent point of you, take a look at this:
    Macedonia – More than a name – Part 1
    Macedonia – More than a name – Part 2
    Macedonia – More than a name – Part 3
    Macedonia – More than a name – Part 4
    Macedonia – More than a name – Part 5
    I found this to be very informative. I hope, you do, too.

    Commented by makedonika: John this video is very Pro-Greek, it mentions a very crucial fact and that is the Refugees of the 1920s who alter the ethnic character of Aegean Macedonia. It is thanks to these Refugees that Aegean Macedonia is Greek today.
    It is also very nice to see these young men visiting their native village of Rakovo(renamed in the 1930s to Krateron), you will hear the old lady half way thru the Part 3 video speaking Macedonian. The Hellenism of Macedonia is just a blanket that is laid over all the land, it is artificial. Thank you for showing me the village of Rakovo and that its inhabitants still speak Macedonian.

  6. Metodija Says:


    Huge greek minority in Skopje and Bitola? You must be referring to the staff working in the greek consulate in skopje and in Bitola we have some greeks that own textile
    factorys. Have you ever been to Bitola or Skopje?


  7. eleni Says:

    im macedonian,im greek, im very proud .my village is only 20 kilometers of fyrom-of lake doirani.we could live in peace if you understaind that taking the history of other nations is not the right way to make your owoun is ok with me you to have the name macedonia -only by geografical term,not historical..really why donot you accept that you are slavs?do you feel shame of that?even and eugene borza (i think you love him so much) says you have nothing to do with the ancient macedonians,he says you came in area 700 ys after the death of alexander. is it right or wrong? doesnt he?

  8. makedonika Says:


    I see that you claim to be both Greek and Macedonian at the same time, so are you of a mixed ethnical background?

    Lets try and find out how Greek you really are, because satistically you should be of Refugee origins, so could you be so honest and tell us your ethnical background?

    And please tell us your connection to Alexander the Macedonian, and when you are at it, please show me a historical source stating that all of the Macedonian population was wiped out when the socalled Slavs came, you could also be so kind a show us a document of this socalled migration aswell.

    Please answer the questiones posed to you.

  9. Tony Says:

    You Greeks are living in denial
    He has as Greek accent how obvious
    and he is speaking macedonian Not Greek.

  10. Meri Says:

    Have you noticed that no in the Balkans likes the Greeks….
    I wonder why????

  11. eleni Says:

    its very simple meri if its true,we are a different race from the other balkanians,most of them are slavs serbs,bulgarians, macedonians,croatians,slovenians all speak very close languages,you came in the area of balkans about the same time and you are like relatives-the same way we are with the cypriots.on the other hand turkish people are very close to albanians because of the religion.our languege is uniq,it doesn look like to any other indoeuropaic language…dont forget the expressio΄΄its greek to me΄΄

    Edited by makedonika: Almost perfect eleni, I just had to remove the fyro part.

  12. eleni Says:

    its ok with me makedonika,it doesnt change the meaning,but why did you do that?im not insulting you,i just used the official name you have in the international organizations.

  13. eleni Says:

    Republic of Macedonia

    Edited and commented by makedonika: Where do you think you are eleni? I set the rules here, the name is the REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA, and nothing else, katalaves?

  14. eleni Says:

    makedonika i thouhgt i was in a free blog which gives the chance for a dialogue between you and us,i was obviously wrong.i didnot insult you or anyone,i just used the official name of your country,the name which you are known in all international i wrong? any way,be well,iwont be here.

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