The newly invented Hellenes only live in Bavarian Greece, 1842!

Taken from the book “Romaic Grammar” by E. A. Sophokles, 1842, pages iii-iv.


9 Responses to “The newly invented Hellenes only live in Bavarian Greece, 1842!”

  1. Владимир Says:

    Како и што си мислев
    Па луѓе и самото име Грција не им е античко име
    Им го имаат дадено Римјаните…GRAECIA
    Тоа го пишува и Вилијам Смит во 1865 година…

  2. Voya Says:

    Vladimir, oni go izbraa imeto Grcija, pomegju Romania i Graecia vo 1821 godina, koga se formirase prvoto grcko kralstvo.

    To the Greeks who say
    Μακεδονια Ελλασ

    I bet you can not say Ελλασ more than 187 years. Ha!

  3. Владимир Says:


    from the earliest times to the Roman conquest.

    by WILLIAM SMITH, D.C.L., LL.D. 1865


    CHAPTER I . . Geography of Greece.

    CHAPTER II . . Origin of the Greeks, and the Heroic Age.

    CHAPTER III . . General Survey of the Greek People.
    National Institutions.

    The names of GREECE and GREEKS come to us from the
    Romans, who gave the name of GRAECIA to the country and of GRAECI
    to the inhabitants.

  4. Владимир Says:

    Само ти тапшај се по рамо и брани си ги браќата грчки, истите оние кои ти ја украдоа Тракија 😀

  5. MacedonianKnife Says:

    Greece is mixed tribe modern state,with new people so called
    “Greeks” =,turks,macedonians,serbs,ethiopians,indians,vlavs,jews bulgarians,albanians,gyftoui)

    One region with milion languages and because great forces must secure their interest thay had an idea to adope koine language to the new nation.The koine language was international and familiar to all ethnic groups!



  6. eleni Says:

    if thats true macedonian knife then why dont you can speak and read the koine attic dialekt? if we are not descendans of the ancient greeks then why are the only that can speak and read their language? i think you should be able to do that because it was an international languege,the answer is because that was the languege of my people for generations,but for yours it was a strange simle. by the way what kind of knife are you?for use in kitchen or for murder people?

  7. eleni Says:

    for example my name comes from the word selas and meens ligth in ancient greek,this name is exactly the same for more of 4000 ys,hommer was the first who sed the story of beutiful eleni,wife of menelaos and the reason of troian war.nationalism is not the reason of our existance,we exist for more of 5000 ys, thats way we are nationalists.of course there is no pure blood no were in the world,especially in balkans,but there is a languege uniq,the same customs for generations, ahistory and a universal feeling…and of course the blood even and its not a pure its still deffinetly-zito i ellas! 😉

  8. TrueMacedonian Says:

    Hellenic??? You??? You’re manufactured like toys in a factory by the west who created the myth that you see in the mirror everyday. Everything about modern “greece” is fake. Your revolutionary heroes were albanians, vlachs, turks, western philhellenes from europe and america,etc. Your national costumes are albanian. Your music stolen from Macedonia. Your motto given to you by the west along with your revolutionary flag. Your constitution was to be modelled after the United States. Feroes Velenstinlis, the father of modern “greece” was a vlach. You’re fake. Sad but true.

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