A picture that says more than a thousand words, the Macedonians will never forget!

A big thank you goes out to my supporters for providing me with this picture! You know who you are.

12 Responses to “A picture that says more than a thousand words, the Macedonians will never forget!”

  1. John Says:

    This picture says a lot more about You, than the Greeks!!
    I know this is hard for you to “get”, but give it a try, anyway.

  2. Bojan Says:

    John, why don’t you be a peach and post about our irredentist claims using this private poster, cartoons and… what was the third thing? Oh yes, FACTUAL MAPS reporting on the region as a whole for which the Macedonians fought for. For its autonomy and independence and freedom from the Ottoman rule.

    Oh no. I keep forgetting. That was Tito’s dealings. My bad.

  3. John Says:


    As I said, it is hard for you to “get”. Case closed.

  4. Bojan Says:


    I “get” what you mean. I just don’t agree with it. There’s a difference. Do YOU “get” that?

  5. Bojan Says:

    Oh, and I don’t see you commenting on any of the other posts… wonder why that is? Case closed?

  6. eleni Says:

    i agree with john, you gave us a ‘great’ example of democrasy .ops! sorry you may dont untersaind the word,is hellenic(greek),you maybe wanted to show to us(greek people) your philosofy..ops again,i meant you just made comedy..ops !!again ,it is really a tragedy .oh!..sorry they all are greek words,you may thought its ethical ..0ps!!again! to make fun with the symbol of a nation .ok! i admitt i may be need an ofthalmologist..oh! i saw 6 greek words..something wrong with my eyes..or with my nerves, a neurologist may be,7 words.ts!ts! those greeks…

  7. eleni Says:

    finally i understood what was the meaning of this nazi’flag” ,it was just policy!oh! an other greek word ;-)) ..confusion will be my epitaph!no other 2 greek words and no one slavic international word.

  8. eleni Says:

    …and i forgot the word symbol is also greek…

  9. eleni Says:

    ..you gave cheap propaganda (still greek word) and my nation gave culture (an other word with greek root) in all cosmos(and another greek word)…leka nost!! this is slavic i think its good night

  10. eleni Says:

    you see my friend some times a picture does not worth as a 1000 words!

  11. makedonika Says:


    You seem to be a proud Greek, did you know that your language was not called Greek(Ellinika) until the formation of the Bavarian kingdom of Greece in 1830, before that time the language you spoke was Roman(Romeika).

    And all of the words you claim as yours are of Koine origins, do you speake Koine today?

  12. eleni Says:

    and i just saw the word autonomy which is purelly greek,meens the low of my self.bojian used it, not me.

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