The crisis in the Balkan states, Macedonia, 1899!


10 Responses to “The crisis in the Balkan states, Macedonia, 1899!”

  1. Voya Says:

    Skopjan iredentist claims 😆

    Quickly, call Dora! SOS!!!

  2. Proud DALMATIAN Says:

    As a proud dalamatian……..

    Edited by makedonika: you can post your stupidities somewhere else.


    Oblivious to creating a cogent argument I marvel at your continued efforts to undermine your own case for a nation state. But then again no one will mistake the Macedonian academy or its educational system as a
    premier institute of learning. What can you expect when all you have is training in classic communist theory and reverse for your great leader Tito.

    You folks are truly sad. Even your neighbors quickly did away with Enver Hoxhas myths. You continue to
    Idolize false gods and myths . Better for us for your folly is ever more obvious.

    Your reference is to a geographic region. Look at the map, where are the states and nations of Roumelia, Dalmatian, Bosnia.?? O wait the best one is Andrianopoli. Those devious greeks must have suppressed those people too, for good measure lets add the filthy no good bulgars as well.

    1. I’ll ask my questions again as long as you continue with your “proof” If Macedonians existed as a distinct identity separate from Serbs, Greeks, Bulgars, Albanians, Turks and Roma prior to the 18th century where is the evidence in your religion.? Religion which has been so integral to the identity of ALL the people in the Balkans fails to live up to your illusions. You have always belonged to the Patriarchate of Constantinople and later on Serbian or Bulgarian Orthodox church. Could it be that your own church never considered itself Macedonian, separate from Serbia and Bulgaria? Even today the Serbian Church and all other Orthodox churches consider you schismatic? Why did wait till the 20th century to claim to be autocephalous status? Why no Macedonian Monastery at Mount Athos not even a skete? The Serbs, Russians, Bulgarians, Romanians even the Georgians have their own.

    Edited by makedonika: One more time you use the term “skopian” or a derivation of it I will publish your email and IP-address, I hope you understand.

  4. John Says:

    Instead of hurling threats ( and censoring) to posters that don’t agree with your point of you, why don’t you try to come up with convincing arguments and responses?
    I have also noticed that “stupidities” from your compatriots are welcome; from others they are censored!! Very original practice (Stalin practiced it, too!!).

  5. Mario Says:

    the comment is still there, but it’s racist word “skopian” was replaced. In the case of “proud Dalmatian” I can’t say anything.
    But no problem, let’s talk about the Greece censorship.
    The German ZDF-TV Site published a text about that the Greek part of Macedonia could gain independence like the Kosovo. Few times later the text was removed.
    What about that?
    I think Makedonika should use FOROG or FOPY instead of Greece…

  6. John Says:


    As matter of principle, I don’t support censoring no matter where it comes from (I am not familiar with the case you are mentioning).
    By the way, my comment was about this Blog, not the whole universe. Your statement about “FOROG or FOPY” is very revealing about your reasoning skills.

  7. Bojan Says:


    As are yours regarding “Skopians” and “FYROMians” and so on.

  8. John Says:


    To the best of my recollection, I have not used the terms “Skopians” and “FYROMians”. I do use the term “Macedonians” (in quotes; but the quotes are being removed by Makedonika). FYI I am a Greek Macedonian.

    Commented by makedonika: what is a Greek Macedonian? Is that a person that is half Greek half Macedonian or is it a Greek that lives in Macedonia or…….. are you an Ethnic Macedonian?

  9. eleni Says:

    greek macedonian ,like greek cretan,like greek dodecanisian,like greek thracian ,like greek thessalian, etc .we are no ethic macedonians because we dont have a different ethnicity from other greeks,like the ancient macedonians had no different ethnicity from atheneans,corinthians,spartans etc.just different tribes from a uniq ethnos!

  10. Özgür Says:

    Don’t discuss this :S
    You all have our Turkish blood inside,one way or another i mean.
    We ruled you,and still…Look at that mapOttoman were everywhere…

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