Bertrandon de la Brocquiere met Macedonians in 1432-1433!

Title page.


Page 285.

Page 296-297.

From the book “The Travels Of Bertrandon de la Brocquiere” translated by Thomas Johnes, 1807.

11 Responses to “Bertrandon de la Brocquiere met Macedonians in 1432-1433!”

  1. Владимир Says:

    Bravo Makedonika
    Najstariot Dokument za Makedoncite sto go imam jas bese od periodot na Karpos.
    Ova e uste postar dokument za Makedncite

    Makedonija na Makedoncite

  2. Voya Says:

    Vladimire, gresis. Odi ponazad u 800 bc, tamu ke go najdes 🙂

  3. Владимир Says:


    I zboruvav za bugarite, tvrdat oni deka za Makedonci ne se pisuvalo pred 1700-ta godina i.t.n. 🙂

    Toa mi odi na zivci kaj niv..
    Inaku i jas imam nekoi zapisi od Anoninmiot ungarski hronicar koj pisuva za napadite na Arpad vrz Makedoncite i Bugarite 🙂

  4. makedonika Says:


    Che ti pushtam email so mojata adresa….. ili pushti mi poraka na vmacedonia…….. 🙂

  5. Владимир Says:

    Сега ќе ти пуштам порака на Вмацедониа 🙂

  6. Voya Says:

    Vladimircho, se pishuvalo kako ne, zar ne gi znajme nie b’lgarite. Ali se pishuvalo i te kako za grci i bugari, samo problemot e, znacenjeto sho bilo

    Bugar- Seljak
    Grk – Trgovec, bogat choek

    Mnogu ednostavno, ali nejchit da razberat da gi eba 😀

  7. Voya Says:

    Ali, ako ne ti teknuat, prvo ne se pishuele za Makedoncite od pred 1945, pa od pred 1912, pa od pred 1903, pa od pred 1870s, pa sea 1700tite. Samo idemo nadolu so nim huhu

  8. Bojan Says:

    Why are neither Greeks nor Bulgarians commenting on this post? Where have they gone?

  9. Bibi Says:

    Bojan – too busy goat herding and sticking their head in the sand.

  10. Bojan Says:

    Bibi – That’s weird. They do seem to be pretty active on the other posts. Hmm… who knows. I’m a little worried though, what if something happened to them? What if they finally realized? WOW. Scary thought. (Thinking to himself: Don’t go there, think happy thoughts… Tito give me strength, Tito give me strength) Ok, I think I’m all better now.


    Trying to refute what this article says is like standing in front of a firing squad and hoping that the guns of all 10 soldier will jam. You can hope. But you only have a few seconds to do so.

  11. Danny K. Says:

    How old was Tito in 1452 when he created these Macedonians?

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