Proclamations sent to the Macedonians in 1711!

From the book “History Of Montenegro” by Francis Seymour Stevenson, 1914, pages 144-145.


5 Responses to “Proclamations sent to the Macedonians in 1711!”

  1. Bojan Says:

    You know what’s gonna happen now don’t you? Because this is from 1711 they can’t say that Tito created it, nor that we were Bulgarian because this was prior to VMRO. What they will say is that this reference is a geographical reference to the people of that region and yet that would be a flawed argument since the mentioned Albanians aren’t mentioned in a geographical reference, are they?

  2. Владимир Says:

    Bojan i disagree with you
    Look at the pictures, the document says: “Macedonians”…
    And according to your logic, if Macedonians is a geographical reference then “Albanians” also is a geographical term…
    Why “Macedonians” can be an exeption can you explain me that?

  3. Bojan Says:

    That is exactly what I said. I think you may have misunderstood me. I said that saying “Macedonians” is a geographical term would be incorrect for the very reason that mention. If that was a geographical term, Albanians would mean a geographical term as well (which it doesn’t).

  4. Bojan Says:

    Hey Makedonika,

    Contact me on my email. I want to send you newspaper articles from the New York Times referring to Macedonians…

  5. Владимир Says:

    Ahh sorry 🙂

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