Macedonians found in the Memoirs of Baron De Tott, 1786!

The Title page.

Page XII.

Page XII.

Page 154-155.

Page 156-157.

Page 158.

Page 159.

This is taken from the English translation of the book, which was published in 1786, the original in French was published in 1784.


14 Responses to “Macedonians found in the Memoirs of Baron De Tott, 1786!”

  1. Harry the Great Says:

    Dude, I got news for you! You guys are Slavs. Even if we do consider that there is an independent Macedonian history, you are in no way its inheritors.
    Since you talk about nations and pride and all this right wing crap, you should know that Slavs didn’t even exist at the time of Alexander.
    Now, I do understand that being a heir of a glorious warrior’s history is probably the only thing that can hold you together as a nation, but having said that, I really struggle to understand the logic behind your arguments.

  2. Harry the Great Says:

    I just noticed that you have moderation on your comments, for rather obvious reasons. I am very curious to see whether you are going to approve my comments.

  3. Ivica Says:


  4. makedonika Says:

    @Harry the Great

    We are Slavs meaning the “Glorious ones”, there was not another tribe on this Earth that was as Glorious as the Macedonians, thus Slavs is synonymous with Macedonians.

    Please read this post:

    By the way, your posts are posted unaltered, you thought that I would moderate them? If so why?

  5. Tose Says:

    Dude, do you know where the name SLAVS came from, and what is the meaning of it ?

  6. zhivko Says:

    I have a question, “Harry”: Who is we, DUDE? And who gives a f*** what you consider, since you have no connection to the Macedonians.
    Btw, can you recite what is written at “,M1” (minus the quotation marks)
    under the heading “Macedonians and Greeks: Language, Culture and Attitudes”? Just the first paragraph will do. And tell the readers in what year that was published. You’ll have to do a little bit of a research, but if you want to learn something, you must do a bit of work. :-)And… enjoy your short history lesson, DUDE. 🙂

  7. akritas Says:

    Why only the first paragraph and not the rest of the text that according the sources (Borza, Danforth e.t.c.) the Slavs, both Bulgarians and Macedonians* cannot establish a link with antiquity…!!

    Tell me zhivko ?

    Edited by makedonika: akritas, there is no people called slavmacedonians, if there would then there also should be slavbulgarians, slavrussians, slavpoles, slavserbs etc. The correct term is Macedonian/s, the Macedonians are a Slavic-speaking people. If you intend to keep posting on this Blog you will need to refer to the Macedonians as Macedonians. Simple is it not?

  8. zhivko Says:


    Firstly, about the “first paragraph”. The first paragraph is the “CONCLUSION” of the book. The rest of the book consists of the EVIDENCE (EXAMPLES from the ancient texts) which have led the authors Heckel and Yardley to make that conclusion.

    Now, can you help Harry and recite what that paragraf says, Akritas? Or is it too painfull for both of you, since it COMPLETELY exposes the LIES of the present day “Greeks” about ancient Macedonia/Macedonians? 🙂

    Secondly, Borza is a scholar of ANCIENT history, NOT modern day history. You know this very well because this has been explained many times in, soc.culture.greek, etc.

    Now, explain to me why I (Macedonians) are “Slavs”. What is your “proof” for that? I can’t wait for your magical “revelation”, because magic is the only thing that can transform the Macedonians into “Slavs” 🙂
    One warning, though: someone saying that we are “slavs” is NOT a proof.

    Ova za “makedonika” – ve molam prestanete so gluposta “slovenski jazik”. Makedoncite zboruvaat na makeonski, tochka. Se’ dodeka ne pokazhite solidni dokazi za fantomskiot (nepostoechki) pochetok na “Slovenite” i na nivniot “slovenski” jazik i deka nivniot jazik go potisnal makedonskiot, se dotogash vashiot “slovenski jazik”, so “Slovenite” kje bidi CHISTA GLUPOST, nishto porazlichna od glupostite na “Akritas” i “Harry” i se’ shto pravite so toa e samo BEZPOTREBNO da im davate municija na grchkata antimakedonska propaganda.

  9. zhivko Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to tell “Akritas” that the book was published in 2004, although this book has been discussed in, soc.culture.greek on more than one occasion. This must be different “Akritas”, god forbid. 🙂

    And one more thing you can even read the “conclusion” (page 7 – and other pages, as well) of that book on Internet.

  10. akritas Says:

    Makedonika I like your democratics ideas and your “made maknews” moderation .

    And I AM FROM THE GREEKS THAT SUPPORT YOY makedonika in macedonianontheweb in order to express your personnal FEEILINGS and EMOTIONS FREE.

    kai auto einai to euxaristo sou!!!

    to ALTERATE my POSTS in your BLOG


    I am a GREEK MACEDONIAN and you are SLAV MACEDONIAN you like it or not!!!

    You are Slav because

    – you speak a Slavic langauge
    -your modern heroes were Slavs
    -your customs (songs, dances, dresses e.t.c) all are Slav
    -your heritage is Slav

  11. Voya Says:

    And yours akritas, what are yours?

    Turkish coffe?

    You are Greek prosfyga, not Greek Macedonian. Macedonian for you is regional description, for me its ethnicity, and i don’t call my self slav-Macedonian, but plain and simple – Macedonian. I can not see any other Macedonian ethnicity

  12. DAC Says:

    Vo pakistan se uste postojat pleminja koi se ostanati uste od Aleksandar.Pojdete da vidite nivniot folklor so cij folklor e totalno identicen.So koja drzava imaat ista muzika i muzicki instrumenti,bez da se znaat megusebno ili da imaat bilo kakov kontakt.Samo togas ke vidite koja drzava e naslednik na Aleksandar i cela negova slava.Se e vo genite napisano!
    Dodeka za toa sto Aleksandar gi pocituval grcite ,toa go mozat samo Makedoncite,Bidejci samo nie imame tolku siroki srca sto grcite tia i nemozat da go svatat.
    Toa e Makedonskiot imperijalizam(Osvojuvame so ljubov)
    Toa e pricinata sto makedinija postoi i vo svetoto pismo BIBLIJA (BIBLE) ,toa e pricinata sto makedinija ja cuva Gospod,Tokmu zatoa Makedonija ke postoi ZASEKOGAS.

  13. syred Says:

    ti si sloveni, ne e makedonec, makedonija e grcka, ne e solvenski jazik makedonski a grcki jazik, on ancient artifacts, go visit a museum and see your self. you are not macedonians, macedonians can be only greeks. deal with it.

  14. makedonika Says:


    Aha, ama koj jazik lafish ti? Koj jazik e ova? Na koj jazik kazhvash “makedonec”, “makedonija” i “makedonski”?

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