Macedonian Echo, article from the Time Magazine, 1925!

Monday, Jan. 05, 1925
Macedonian Echo

Long ago, in the days of Philip of Macedon, when whole armies hurled themselves against the dread Macedonian phalanx, Macedonia was a great and independent country. Today, Macedonia is merely a geographical expression; its territories are divided principally between Yugoslavia and Greece.

If the country is nonexistent, the people are not. They have managed, directly or indirectly, to make more Balkan blood flow in the past 20 years than have any other people. Since the War, their activities have shown no sign of abating. Greece and Yugoslavia and Bulgaria have been much troubled by them.

Chief of the modern Macedonians who have demanded autonomy have been Todor Alexandrov, General Protogerov, Peter Schankev. For years, this triumvirate kept the Macedonian question well before the world. A few months ago, Todor Alexandrov was murdered; and last week one Dimitri Stefanov met Peter Schankev in a cafe at Milan, fired five shots from an automatic pistol at him, killed him. The two deaths were connected by the tale which the assassin told:

Peter Schankev decided last spring that Macedonian autonomy was a dead issue, so he quitted the triumvirate to found a movement for transforming the Balkans into a confederation. When Todor Alexandrov stood in his way, the natural thing for him to do was to have Todor Alexandrov quietly murdered; this was done. Immediately Alexandrov’s friends called a meeting in a Macedonian village with General Protogerov as chairman. At this meeting, sentence of death was pronounced on Peter Schankev and his executioner went out into the world on a search for his victim—a search which ended at Milan.

Arrested, the assassin said:

I am a Macedonian Nationalist and I love my mother country intensely. It was only to serve her that I executed this renegade. I am glad I was chosen to sacrifice myself.”

One Response to “Macedonian Echo, article from the Time Magazine, 1925!”

  1. BULMAK Says:

    “IMRO never presumed that in its Constitution the term independent (autonomous) Macedonia meant a conclusion … the Constitution cited as an objective:- autonomy for Macedonia but as a transitional phase. This objective was not only understood by the original founders of the Organization, but by almost all of their comrades and successors, by all the Macedonian intelligentsia and the entire Macedonian population”

    “It is not true that the emigrants of the autonomists wanted independence and not unification. Exactly the opposite is true, because we all realize that autonomy would only lead to new unknown struggles … We all accepted the autonomy of Macedonia as a lesser evil when unification was an impossibility … The Bulgarian population of Macedonia is unanimous for the union with Bulgaria, if it can be accomplished. This is foremost in the people’s hearts … In Macedonia we, more than any other organization, know what the Bulgarian population desires since our support there is very strong”
    Todor Aleksandrov 1919

    Commented by makedonika: I see that you try to portray the Macedonians as Bulgarians, some Macedonians were asking Bulgaria for help, that does not make them Bulgarian neither does belonging to the Exarchate.

    Would you be so kind and provide a reference to your above quote from Todor Aleksandrov.
    If you would like to read some good referenced quotes by him just search my Blog for Todor.

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