Macedonians acknowledged in a Greek census from 1920!

In the census of 1920, immediately after Greece’s occupation of the “New Territories” the government of the day offers some revealing information. In the census of 19 December, 1920, the official Greek census form had a separate area asking: “what is your mother tongue? What is the language you speak at home? If your mother tongue is not Greek do you understand Greek?” This census document can be found in the book by M. Houliarakis (Geografiki, dioikitiki kai plithismiaki ekseliksi tis Ellados tom G’ page 363)

The data obtained from the census of 1920 offers great detail about the population to the point of distinguishing between deaf males and deaf females. It also includes the data on language and mother tongue.

Unfortunately, the census information relating to the population of the “New Territories” was never made public. This information preceded the exchanges of Christian and Muslim populations between Turkey and Greece or the so-called “voluntary” population exchanges between Greece and Bulgaria.

At that time Greece only published the results from the geographic area of “old Greece” (Sterea, Evoia, Thessalia, Arta, Ionian Islands, Cyclades, Peloponese…). Five volumes containing census data from the “New Territories,” which included information on religion and language, were prohibited from being made public.

In the archives of the Census Council or the General Archives of the Greek state we shall not find census data on the northern territories (the new territories of Macedonia and Western Thrace) for the census period of 1920.

However, page 182 of the volume of census data for 1920 (published in 1929) for the area of Trikala (in Thessaly and Arta just south of the new territories) the following linguistic categories are reported for mother tongue:

Greek, Spanish, Romi, Koutsovlach, Albanian, Bulgarian, Serbian and 37 individuals from Trikala who declared their mother tongue as Macedonian.

This is official census data published by the Greek government wherein, not only is the Macedonian language documented by the census authority but it is rightly distinguished from Bulgarian and Serbian.

See for yourselves.

Page 181

Page 182

Here is a highlight of the census were the Macedonians are mentioned, thank you Voya!

9 Responses to “Macedonians acknowledged in a Greek census from 1920!”

  1. karanus Says:

    Само напред брат.

  2. NIK Says:

    Totally crap: The only official census for minorities in Macedonia province was made by the Turks in 1903 and 1909 where no “Macedonian” ethnos was recorded only Greeks , Bulgarians ,Jews and some Serbs

  3. Alexander Says:

    Is this an edited paper with Microsoft word that was invented long 1920?
    Is it my idea or the only proof of Macedonians is the edited box from Microsoft office?
    If that is so. Are you serious?
    I means we live in 2008 don’t you know illustrator or photoshop. If you do propaganda at least try to do it good.
    If i am mistaken i am sorry.

  4. Voya Says:

    Alexander, i can aknowledge that you are Greek and for certainity don’t want to believe that. But to see it more properly, i can give you link and see it by your own eyes, here is it:

    Have a nice time watching it thus wondering how your government in the 1920’s accepted Macedonians 😉

  5. Iraklis Says:

    Since these guys from the north claim that they speak the macedonian language ,i assume same to that that Alexander spoke,could they write down a piece of it ,so to enlighten us?
    Excuse my ignorance but i”d really like to know what this lang sounds like.As far as i know ,there no written texts in ancient macedonian,which by the way was just a greek dialect amongst many others that were spoken back in the first millenium bc.I hope you guys from the north dont suppose that Alexander spoke in Kyrrilitsa:))

  6. Voya Says:

    Oh, enlighten me Iraklis please.

    You know only to speak about Greek, but neither any ancient language was called Greek. I know of Koini. If you grab for Eliniki, i will tell you that “your” ancient historians aknowledged something that Melas did 100 years ago – The Macedonians were speaking Makedoniki.

    Btw, written language you speak of? Well, first, to believe you, can you provide us something in the written language of the illirians, thracians, veneti and other balkanic tribes?

    You won’t find any, because Macedonian is in the same group of them. It’s a slavic language.

    Look for the ancient Macedonian word GALAVA, look for its meaning.
    Look for the ancient Macedonian word GARANKA, then again look for its meaning.

    When we are @ the meaning, you can find it in my language. Yeah, you are allowed to call it Makedoniki too!


  7. John Says:


    You state: “..but neither any ancient language was called Greek. “. That is incredible!!! Here is something that most 12 year olds in the developed world are familiar with:

    “The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-07.

    Greek language

    member of the Indo-European family of languages (see Indo-European). It is the language of one of the major civilizations of the world and of one of the greatest literatures of all time. Many modern scientific and technical words in English and other Western languages are derived from Greek, and it has been estimated that 12% of the English vocabulary is of Greek origin. ”
    Again, this is taken from “The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-07”.

    Be careful before you comment. Historical knowledge and logic, are NOT your strongest areas of expertise!! To be ignorant is one thing. But when ignorance is paired with arrogance, it is very sad..

  8. Viktor Says:

    It’s not the point which language was spoken by Alexander, do not twist the facts. The point is that Greece in 1920 recognised a Macedonian minority, which means that your claims today are silly and that being Macedonian did not included being Greek as you argue. This is the fact that should have shut you up, but know first you claim it is forged than you start talking about Ancient history. Apparently, your government in 1920 did not ask those people do they speak the same language as Alexander, they asked them what is your nationality and they said Macedonian, so do we today, if you recognised as in 1920 how could you say that Tito invented us in 1945?

  9. eleni Says:

    my friends you sould finally deside what you are..are you the descandans of the ancient macedonians ,relatives by blood,genes,languege or are you slavs that came in the area 700 ys after alexanders death and you live in their land and you are macedonians because you live in this area .i mean macedonians geografically not historical? i thikn not even you know what you are ,not what you the internet i found many explanations,even your politicians react in different way ,for ex.kiro gligorof and that possible in 15 ys to change your roots?a few ys ago it was an honnor for you to be macedonian slav,now days -especially the very young people-think its an insult to be slav.why?

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