Articles about Macedonians found in the London Times, 1895-1928!

Here are some very good articles from the London Times, they are from the period 1895-1928!

The Macedonian Movement. (News)
  The Times Saturday, Apr 06, 1895; pg. 7; Issue 34544; col F

The Macedonian Revolutionary Committee (News) FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT..
  The Times Saturday, Sep 22, 1900; pg. 5; Issue 36254; col G


The Balkan Outlook. The Macedonians And The Reforms. (News) (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENTS.).
  The Times Friday, Apr 08, 1904; pg. 3; Issue 37363; col E

The Macedonians. A People Longing For Peace. (News) (FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Monday, Nov 04, 1918; pg. 7; Issue 41938; col F


The Outbreak In Bulgaria. Macedonians Seize A Town. (News) (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Thursday, Dec 07, 1922; pg. 11; Issue 43208; col B

“Macedonia For The Macedonians.” (News) (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Tuesday, Apr 17, 1923; pg. 13; Issue 43317; col B

Wholesale Arrests Of Macedonians. Bulgarian Cabinet’s Move. (News) (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Wednesday, May 09, 1923; pg. 11; Issue 43336; col C

140 Macedonians Arrested. Bulgarian Government’s Action. (News) (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Wednesday, Mar 05, 1924; pg. 13; Issue 43592; col C

Bulgaria And The Macedonians. A Property Dispute. (News) (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Thursday, Apr 14, 1927; pg. 13; Issue 44556; col B

Macedonians Murdered In Sofia. (News) (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Saturday, Oct 13, 1928; pg. 11; Issue 45023; col B

5 Responses to “Articles about Macedonians found in the London Times, 1895-1928!”

  1. antifadread Says:

    Супер! Ќе го пратам линков на сите мои другари и пријатели! Да живее Македонија!

  2. makedonika Says:

    taka treba, site da znaat!

    Da zhivee Makedonija i Makedoncite, samo napred!

  3. John Says:

    With regard to “The Times Saturday, Apr 06, 1895; pg. 7; Issue 34544; col F”, it states : ” The very object of the conference is to promote unity among the various Bulgarian organizations concerned with Macedonia.”. It very clearly identifies Bulgarian organizations in Macedonia. The Macedonians are nowhere to be found! And the Manifesto of the conference would be issued in “Greek, and Serbian…..”. Of course, there is no mention of Macedonian (it did not exist). Exactly as my Grandfather (who was born, lived and fought in Macedonia) told me (his brother, was butchered by the Bulgarians because he was a Greek teacher). Now, can we study history, learn from it, and build a future together? Our children and Grandchildren will be very appreciative!!!

  4. Ivica Says:

    Advice as a friend, just read carefully and till the end of article. Or you want to show to the world how you can read every history on your own specific way (different from the rest of the world).
    It’s fact that in those days Macedonia’s neighbours had very powerful propaganda in Macedonia(to assimiliate Macedonian population), thus they used every opportunity to present them selves as “concerned with Macedonia”. About the manifesto read carefully till the end of sentence why would be issued in other languages, with hope of obtaining the co-operation of the neighbours.

  5. Ivica Says:

    You can cry how much you want, but you can never have Macedonia

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