Theodosius the Macedonian, to be the Bishop of Skopje, 1890!


Taken from The London Times, Saturday, Jul 19, 1890, page 7.

 To learn more about the doings of Theodosius, please read this very informative post by me. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

10 Responses to “Theodosius the Macedonian, to be the Bishop of Skopje, 1890!”

  1. Makedonec to the Core Says:

    This article is pro-Greek, you tikva!! It calls the Macedonians Bulgarians, and says the Greek idea “Macedonian is the very core of Hellenism” is from 1890 at least!! Abe dusho prodadena grkomanska!

  2. makedonika Says:

    Ti mene me vikash grkoman???!!??? Abre pogan eden, prochitai go teksto pak bre maimun eden.

    The Macedonians are clearly defined, you should follow the link which is posted with the article to read up on Theodosius.

    Stupidity should never be promoted.

  3. Bambos Says:

    Thats because your are macedonians..

    Just like Gotse Delchev!!!

    dont try and change history! you should be proud of your Macedonian Backround!

  4. Simeon Says:

    Hello, I have 2-3 comments on other threads from March 25 still awaiting moderation. Is there any reason why they not be posted?

  5. Makedonec to the Core Says:

    Kogo vikash pogan, be dusho prodadena nemakedonska?? Chitam tekstov i razbiram arno sho sakash da prajsh, dusho kriptogrkomanska. You are showing a newspaper article from 1890 that says that “Macedonia is the very core of Hellenism,” that those three bishops are Bulgarians, and that two of these places are called “Uskub,” and “Ochrida” (Turkish and Greek names). Why is one of these “Bulgarian” bishops put in Kosovo? Maybe you are working for the Shiptari too? You make the Greeks claims look correct, drvo maimunsko, i.e. that they have been saying exactly the same thing for 120 years!! This newpaper clip does not help us, but helps the Greeks. Get rid of it and bury it deep in the ground. You are a Grkoman predavnik!

  6. makedonika Says:

    Makedonec da ne si bolen vo glata?

    You are one ignorant choban, if you do not get what the text is telling you then I am very sorry for you low level of comprehension.

    The text is fine, and a very good find.

    Go and read up on our history a little before you claim people to be grkomans.

  7. John Says:

    Makedonec to the Core says: “This newpaper clip does not help us, but helps the Greeks. Get rid of it and bury it deep in the ground. You are a Grkoman predavnik!”

    This must be the Macedonian approach to studying history. It also demonstrates, very clearly, why you appear to be very misinformed about historican events. You only accept what suits you. If it does not, you simply make it up!! How about studying history to learn from it, and try to build a future where our children and grandchildren can peacefully coexist?

  8. Makedonka Says:

    John, you do not deserve a comment. If you are american (by your name) you even don’t know where Macedonia is (as ALL of american citizens except politicians and a percents of the intellectuals) . You should start learn history as well as geography. Not on this site. Make an effort, you can find scientific, persisted sites about Macedonia and macedonians.

  9. Ivica Says:

    you don’t understand nothing and that’s the proof greeks can’t be Macedonians, never. It’s Macedonian blood. That’s the same when Macedonian Empire after the death of Alexander disintegrate in short time.
    And don’t try your way of studying history to put on others.

  10. makedonka Says:

    Jas mislam ovaj makedonec to the core ne e makedonec.
    Procitaj ubo velit “citam tekstov” toa mi zvucit kako druga naionalnost. Get it.

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