Macedonian Port Threatened, New York Times, 1912!

Here is an article that was published in the New York Times, 3rd November 1912.



4 Responses to “Macedonian Port Threatened, New York Times, 1912!”

  1. NIK Says:

    Salonica port is in Macedonia so ??? What is your point ?? Greeks liberated Salonica from Turks and then kicked off the Bulgarians that stayed there .That’s what international history says and there is nothing you could do ….

  2. Ivica Says:

    Well dear Nik, I don’t know want kind of history you study in your country but it seems that it’s very different from the truth.

  3. gialtouridis Says:

    What is the truth?

    • hbic Says:

      Macedonia is well known for pissing people off, theres always too much dust behind a good horse. Now leave the topic all of you bitch made greeks or whatever you are and take that troubled soul of yours to the mirror, hate on it not around the internet..

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