Gavril Atanasov, the Macedonian, from 1877!

This iconostasis was made by Gavril Atanasov, he is from the village Berovo Malesh. It was made 1877, and he has clearly signed it, telling the world that he is a Macedonian (Makedonec).

Please see for yourselves.

2 Responses to “Gavril Atanasov, the Macedonian, from 1877!”

  1. Petar Says:

    My grandfather was named Gavril Atanasov, but he was Bulgarian. Please explain.

    • Mihailo Zografski Says:

      Your Grandfather is somebody else!?
      I am a direct descendat of Gavril Atanasov, coming from small city Berovo. He had three son’s and one of them Mihail is my Grand father! I think the signature of the fresc “Gavril Atanasov the Macedonian’ talks for it’s self!
      I am Macedonian too!

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