Hard to find map of Macedonia from 1683!

This map is from Allain Manesson Mallet’s ”Description de L’Univers de L’Europe Ancienne et Moderne” this being from the scarce 1683 first edition. A very beautiful map of Macedonia and very hard to find.

It should be pointed out that this map is depicting Ancient Macedonia. 

Please click the link below to see the full map.

Illyrie en General: Macedoine, Thessalie, Epire

2 Responses to “Hard to find map of Macedonia from 1683!”

  1. Petros Houhoulis Says:

    Interesting map, but the inclusion of Paeonia and of the largest chunk of Epirus in Macedonia occured only during the last half of the reign of Phillip V. This time period of less than 20 years before the Roman conquest does NOT imply that the local populations of either Paeonia or Epirus developed a Macedonian consciousness.

    Furthermore, half of your modern country is still outside that map of Macedonia, especially your most populous and second most populous territories, the one around Skopje, and the other around Kumanovo.

  2. john Says:


    It doesn’t mater for how many years Paeonia and Epirus were under Macedonian rule prior to the Roman conquest. What maters is, were they under Macedonian rule when the Romans came?? And the awnser is YES they were.
    So Ancient Macedonia( before the Roman conquest) includes much bigger part then what the Greeks imply. It means that Republic of Macedonia holds much bigger part of Ancient Macedonia then the Greeks claim.

    Second, Skopje is the most populous territory but Kumanovo is not the second most populous territory in R.Macedonia. BITOLA( Monastir) is the second most populous territory in R. Macedonia.
    Furthermore Skopje is the most populous territory for only 80-100 years. Before the 20 century BITOLA( Monastir) was by far more populous territory then Skopje was. And BITOLA is in Ancient Macedonia.

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