Macedonians changed to Bulgarians in census records!

Here is an explanation to why there are no Macedonians in Bulgaria.
Official documents are being altered without the consent of the individual whom it affects.

Official census document from Bulgaria.

An explanation to the document;

in column marked #5 you can read the following information about the person:

А – Basic Education

Б – Nationality

В – Citizenship

It is easy to see that every person has been entered as Macedonian in the “Б – Nationality” field, that has later been replaced with Bulgarian written with a red pen.


One Response to “Macedonians changed to Bulgarians in census records!”

  1. Srafot Says:

    Dali mozam da dobiam izvor?
    Mi terba za wikipedia!
    Istinata mora da se razkazuva na svetot!
    Ja trgaat ova slika oti nema izvor!!
    Ako imate ve molam pratete mi go!!


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