The People of Turkey a book from 1878!

In this book there is some interesting information about the socalled Bulgarians* of Macedonia, they call themselves for Macedonians. Thus there is no doubt that those calling themselves for Macedonians are Slavic-speakers.

*Bulgarian was a common term for Christian Slavic speaking peasant in the Ottoman Empire. Reference; Loring M. Danforth 1995, Victor A. Friedman 2000.

Front page:

Page 11:

Page 12:

From the book “The People of Turkey. Twenty years residence among Bulgarians, Greeks, Albanians, Turks, and …” By Fanny Janet Blunt from 1878, page 11-12.


3 Responses to “The People of Turkey a book from 1878!”

  1. Simeon Says:

    The text on page 11-12 refers to the Gerkomans, i.e. the Patriarchists. It becomes clear from the text that the others who were Exarchists were calling themselves Bulgarians and used the Bulgarian language – these people were the majority, especially in Central and Northern Macedonia. Followers of the Bulgarian Exarchy were practically all the IMRO/IMORO revolutionaries – Goce Delchev, Dame Gruev, Sandanski, Todor Aleksandrov, Ivan Mihailov…

  2. Владимир Says:

    Ајде Симеон не мрси муда…
    Оди таму на БНД форумот и не мрси тука муда…..
    И онака глуп си како геврек….

    А што се однесува до оној што го модерира овој блог .
    Можам да кажам само едно нешто

    Само напред………со докази ќе ги уништиме сите бугарски и српски скотови…..

    Македонија на Македонците.

  3. John Says:


    So, “..where Hellenic blood and features predominate..” is not about Hellenes? Do you really mean that?

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