Macedonian a language group according to the linguist Tore Janson!

Here we can clearly see that Macedonian is acknowledged as a separate language group from both Greek, Albanian and Serbo-Croatian.

The Indo-European languages

From the book “Speak: A Short History of Languages” By Tore Janson, 2002, page 37.

Some information about the author and the book.

This book is a history of human speech from prehistory to the present. It charts the rise of some languages and the fall of others, explaining why some survive and others die. It shows how languages change their sounds and meanings, and how the history of languages is closely linked to the history of peoples. Writing in a lively, readable style, distinguished Swedish scholar Tore Janson makes no assumptions about previous knowledge. He takes the reader on a voyage of exploration through the changing patterns of the world’s languages, from ancient China to ancient Egypt, imperial Rome to imperial Britain, Sappho’s Lesbos to contemporary Africa. He discovers the links between the histories of societies and their languages; he shows how language evolved from primitive calls; he considers the question of whether one language can be more advanced than another. The author describes the history of writing and looks at the impact of changing technology. He ends by assessing the prospects for English world domination and predicting the languages of the distant future. Five historical maps illustrate this fascinating history of our defining characteristic and most valuable asset.

8 Responses to “Macedonian a language group according to the linguist Tore Janson!”

  1. Steve St. Clair Says:

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    Steve St. Clair
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  2. Vasileios Sotiras Says:

    A Bulgarian local dialect with clear influence of the Servo-Croatian language which was imposed during the Yugoslav rule is clearly not a language by definition.

    During the recent visit of the Bulgarian Prime Minister in Skopjie, the so called translators were asked to leave the room of the talks with the local officials.

    Efforts of creating mythology of a local nation in Macedonia from a slavic origin even before the historic existence of the Slavs makes a bad taste joke, which only shown low morale of the people in south slavia (Yugoslavia) about their origins.

    It is the first time in history that people disregard their past and as Mr Abbott wrote in 1903 in his notes, the slavs of the area are mixed in opinion like the father declares himself Serb, the son has only Bulgarian blood in his veins, the daughter presents herself one of the Greek heroic women and the mother of the family declares herself as a Christian.

    Under this type of mixed feelings it is natural for the population of South Slavia to be in an emotional complex and in order to recover only the creation of a new mythology would heal their wounds of existence.

    Sad for their neighbours, Greeks feel invaded in their history, Bulgarians have a renegade local tribe, Albanians are forced to be part of the new mythology and Serbs are amazed with the confusion of who they had to deal and part with for many years.

    The locals are fed with patriotic dreams of non existing past and sadly non existing future as they can feel the heat of getting into a war of even more splitting in their borders and many of their government members adopting the Bulgarian identity and passports as soon as they can, moving into the twilight zone of the politics and personal gains. Everybody else has to learn greek in order to be employed in one of the thousands of greek companies operating within their borders and contributing some of the 30 percent of the whole local economy.

    Vasileios Sotiras

    from the old family of
    Ptolemy Soter son of Lagos

  3. ammos Says:

    to have in your post, informations about the book “Speak: A Short History of Languages” of Tore Janson, is not aproblem at all.

    the problem begins with all the books and researchers you dont include.

  4. John Says:

    It would help, if you provided a complete quote that supports your claim. I have noticed that a lot of the documents you post, support exactly the opposite of your stated thesis.

  5. philldm Says:

    I cannot understand why on every forum there is topic like: MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE IS A DIALECT OF THE BULGARIAN ONE. In every fucking country the MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE is learned as MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE not like bulgarian dialect nor serbian. In all Eastern slavic countries, western slavic countries, south slavic countries and the rest of the world. Only in your Bulgaria and Greece – Macedonain language is not recognized and it is not offered to the students to teach the language because ‘its a bulgarian dialect’. And who is pathetic now?

  6. kaipata Says:

    What is the relationship of macedonian and albanian languages? If to look at old maps and to some folk costumes of the areas, it seems that there are some similarities.

  7. Evan Says:

    You need to realise that “Macedonia” and for that matter “Greece” and “Bulgaria” are not a big deal in the world’s scheme of things. Most countries just don’t care what you call yourself or what you call the language that you speak. If you tell them you speak Macedonian, they will accept it, if you tell them you speak Kalabournezika, they will believe you.
    Have you ever tried to read Bulgarian? You should try it sometime. I have been studying Bulgarian for the past 6 years. I’d be hopeless in having a conversation about astrophysics but I am good at reading and comprehension and I have a good grasp of grammar and structure. Trust me, there ain’t much difference between Bulgarian and Macedonian, at least not enough to call it a different language.

    Edited and commented by makedonika: So according to you there should be no other Slavic languages then one SLAVIC language, lets just call it all SLAVIC only, not Russian or Ukranian or Serbian or Croatian, it is all the same with minor variations, hey why not just call it all MACEDONIAN because that is what all Slavic languages are infact, they all got the word of God translated into Macedonian first time they heard of God….. funny dont you think Evans??

  8. Evan Says:

    I never said you shouldn’t call your language “Macedonian”. My first paragraph attempted to answer Philldm’s question. The second stated my personal observations. According to your logic, I agree all these languages are sub-branches of Slavic. My observation is that the differences between Bulgarian and Macedonian are not significant. Let the linguists of the world decide 🙂
    Now, up to this point your response makes sense. Then you spoil it 🙂 According to you, Macedonians spread their language to millions of Slavs, who presumably did not have a language of their own up to that point. Do you realise how ridiculous this sounds? Stick with the teaching of the Cyrillic alphabet to all Slavs, it’s realistic and believable.

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