Historical maps showing Albanians in Greece!

Here are two maps showing the Albanians in Greece!


From the book “History of the Greek Revolution” Volume 1, by George Finlay, 1861.

From the book “The Nearer East” by David Hogarth, 1905.

I ask, where are these Albanians today?


10 Responses to “Historical maps showing Albanians in Greece!”

  1. Tior Says:

    under the name of arvanites. They got assimilated though.

  2. Νίκος Says:

    These “Albanians” are called Arvanites, and speak Arvanitic, a linguistic relative of modern Albanian. Theodoros Kolokotronis, a leader of the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman empire, was one of them.

    Greece has had one president, 9 prime ministers and one dictator of Arvanitic origin.

    Today’s Arvanites are everywhere in Greek politics, economy, social life. They have their own Arvanitic language, folklore and cultural identity, which is not distinct from their Greek one.

    If you expect others to respect your ethnic identity, you have to respect the identity of others, including the Arvanites and Greeks of Slavic Macedonian descent who nevertheless identify themselves as Greeks.

    What puzzles me is that you use this map although it fails to mention Macedonians – obviously adding them to “Bulgars”. Why such bias? Can’t you see that this obviously backfires on you?

    One of my favourite Arvanites is the surrealist poet and painter Nikos Engonopoulos. Enjoy:


  3. makedonika Says:

    Nikos, nice that you have found my Blog.

    So you have taken notice to the name of Bulgars covering the territory of Macedonia, but did you notice their coloring? Yellow, if you look at the rest of the map you will notice the Serbs are also colored with the same color, yellow, thus we can conclude tha they are merely Slavs, nothing more.

    Here is the rest of the map:

  4. John Says:

    Your statement “..thus we can conclude that they are merely Slavs, nothing more.”. So, since you accept that the yellow shaded area was populated primarily by Slavs, what is the issue? Why do you insist on manufacturing a Macedonian ethnicity?

    Commented by makedonika: The Macedonians are slavic-speakers, Macedonian belongs to the Slavic branch of Indo-European languages. Ethnic Macedonians speaks Macedonian. Get your terminology right.

  5. edgar Says:


    i am from filiates, born in tirana and i am albanian, tsiamides an other group of albanins !
    the question is y greeks and albs assimilate so good with eachothe ? i just answered u!
    and why in 45 years in kosova there were only 12 serb albanian marriages?
    because albanians, shkypetars, tsiamides, arvanites, arbereshs, arbanons, albanoi, ellines, ellides, grees, hellens is the same name of the pelasgian ancestors who split slightly in the language area, as i explained.

  6. Metodija Says:

    The Hellenes are approximately 1-2 million of Greece’s population. The rest of the population is “geekanized” Albanians, Macedonians, Turks, “Christian Turks”, Vlachs, Caucasians etc.

    So when a greek claims that Alexander was greek, which of the above does he mean?

  7. heki Says:

    oh man metodija..you couldnt have said better…

  8. Pando Says:

    What is the difference between citizenship,national identity and ethnicity?
    Apparently there are different perceptions of the aforementioned in Europe and US,Canada,Australia.This difference affects a lot the way Macedonian conflict is evaluated.

  9. ioannis Says:

    And albanians are greek and slavs and vlach and turk
    only one million it truly Albanian
    Thats why Many albanian areas have slavic name .
    You see the way u use history can be used against u
    Also please tell us why if most of greek population are Albanians why then in war of greek indepedence they fought against albanians used from ottoman empire ?
    Are Albanians so stupid to fought each other?
    And finally albanians were the 20% of a total population of 800.000
    that was lost almost 200.000 during Greek revolution
    Modern greek population is nt the same with then.

    And my great grandfather wore foustanella and from my mothers side she has an albanian sound name
    But neither my ancestors neither consider us albanian neither we could spean any.

    • fatmir Says:

      look you cant say that the albanians are 800.000 and that the albanians have greek names and that they are greek because albanians in all over the world are aproccimetly 12-15 milion.Some albanians have slavic names because of the slavic ocupation and thats the reason

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