She cursed in her difficult Macedonian language!


Occasionally, up by chicken-chasing, the cackle, the sounds, all of a sudden a village woman would appear and start to curse in her own heavy(difficult) macedonian language.The soldiers offered her money, and searched for whom they should compensate for the damages, and also to buy bread, wine, tsipuro, butter, cheese and other eatables. Instead they got in return the same stereotypical answer, that they first heard outside Nausa where they met the first slavic speaking villager, who answered us with his head bent down, the answer we got wherever we went, from the outskirts of Thessaloniki and all the way to Florina, it was the same melancholic answer to all our demands: Nema, there is none.

The text is taken from the book “Oi Polemoi 1912-1913” by Spirou Mela from 1972.

This book is about the Balkan Wars 1912-1913.

2 Responses to “She cursed in her difficult Macedonian language!”

  1. Kristijan Says:

    lol, what all thos MACEDONIANS said was correct in two ways,

    nema (there isn’t) any place to buy fod and
    nema grci or there isn’t any greeks here

  2. Mitre Says:

    Can someone send this article to Dora Bakoyannis so she can add this to her new book than she will have one truth in the whole book?

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