Macedonia was Bratan’s home in the 14th century AD!!!!

This “graffiti” was found in the Church of Sveti Gjorgji in Goren Kozjak, 10 kilometers north-east from the city of Shtip, when it was renovated in 1967 and 1968. It is dated to middle of the 14th century AD. Scholars are not sure about the age of the Church some claim it to be from the 11-12th century AD and others claim it to be older, namely from the 9-10th century AD.

Here is a picture of the Church.

From the book “Crkvata Sv. Gjorgji vo Goren Kozjak vo svetlinata na novite ispituvanja” by Z. Rasolkoska-Nikolovska, published by MANU 1970, page 222.


I Priest Ivanko from Shtipa,
I Stanislav Gramatnik(*) from Shtipa,
I Bratan from Macedonia…….

(*)I do not know the english word, but it is somekind of monk I believe

So for anyone believing that Macedonia was lost in time, they are very wrong. This is written in a Church close to the city of Shtip in Macedonia in the middle of the 14th century AD.
Macedonia was and will always be Macedonia, this is just one example out of a billion!!!

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