Macedonians noted by nationality in a US legaslative document, 1921!

Macedonians noted by country and language in US census, 1930!

Macedonians noted by country and language in US census, 1920!

Macedonian a spoken tongue in Michigan, 1941!

Macedonian People’s League in USA, 1935-1940!

United States Delegation to the OSCE is concerned about the Macedonians of Greece!

UN Commision Established the Existence of the Macedonian Minority in Greece, 1947!

YouTube, Macedonian political organization 30th annual convention, 1951!

YouTube, Macedonian political organization 14th annual convention, 1935, part 2!

YouTube, Macedonian political organization 12th annual convention, 1933!

Macedonian Redux by Eugene N. Borza, 1999!

YouTube, Macedonians in the US protest, 1922!

Macedonians acknowledged by US Immigration Commission, 1909!

Macedonians acknowledged in US census, 1930!

Macedonians acknowledged in US census, 1920!

The Macedonian Question 1914-1992 by the CIA, 1992!

The Macedonian Question 1908-1913 a map by the CIA, 1992!

Macedonians noted on a map by the CIA as living in Greece and Bulgaria, 1992!

The Macedonians show patriotism for country, 1913!

Macedonian survivors of the Volturno ship disaster, 1913!

The Cry From Macedonia, 1903!

Macedonian a race according to US Bureau of Immigration 1899!

Not once better but a thousand times better…. 1925!

Macedonian immigrants to the USA in 1912!

I found a very interesting book from 1912 which is about the new immigration to the USA.
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