Modern Greece 1st constitution, a “Greek” is a Christian, 1827!

National Geographic, who were the Christian settlers coming to Aegean Macedonia, 1925!

A letter to a Macedonian warlord, 1906!

The Greek Anti-Macedonian Struggle, 1903-1905!

Greek contract mentioning Macedonian language from 1915!

Bertrandon de la Brocquiere met Macedonians in 1432-1433!

The Macedonian leader Goce Delchev betrayed by Greek spy, 1903!

Macedonian articles from the New York Times, 1904-1907!

Macedonians found in the Memoirs of Baron De Tott, 1786!

Macedonians noted in the book “The Land Of The Black Mountain”, 1903!

Mr. Gladstone and The Balkan Confederation, Macedonia for the Macedonians!


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