Greek newspaper acknowledges the Macedonian language, 1905!

Macedonians noted in a Serbian book from 1880!

Macedonian is spoken in Greece, this is a fact!

Macedonians found in the book A Balkan Freebooter, 1916!

NY Times, native Macedonians to be found in Macedonia, 1919!

Austrian atlas notes the Macedonians and the Macedonian language, 1921!

Bulgarian propaganda in Macedonia, 1888!

Sister Augustine Bewicke on the Macedonian autonomy, 1919!

Macedonian immigration in Russia 1763-1765!

Macedonians noted in the book “The Land Of The Black Mountain”, 1903!

Macedonian Appeal To Paris, 1919-08-16!

Macedonians acknowledged in a Greek census from 1920!

The Macedonians show patriotism for country, 1913!

Macedonian Port Threatened, New York Times, 1912!

A letter from Vasilije Petrovic to Count Shuvalov, Macedonians seek protection, 1754!

Contestations over Macedonian identity, 1870–1912!

Macedonians in the Russian Empire, 18th century!

The first school district to teach in Macedonian, Kostur, 1892!

Macedonians mentioned as fugitives in Austria 1765!

Mr. Gladstone and The Balkan Confederation, Macedonia for the Macedonians!

The Macedonian can be called neither Bulgarian nor Serb, but simply Macedonian!


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