Macedonian Cheif killed by woman seeking vengeance, 1925!

Macedonians for the Northern Territory, Australia, 1905! UPDATED!

Macedonians for the Northern Territory, Australia, 1905!

Greek newspaper acknowledges the Macedonian language, 1905!

Macedonians send an ear, demand ransom, 1905!

American missionary Miss Stone abducted by Macedonians, 1901!

Ethnic Map of the Macedonians of the Aegean, 1946!

Macedonian People’s League in USA, 1935-1940!

NY Daily Tribune, Turkish constitution attended by Macedonians, 1908!

NY Times, native Macedonians to be found in Macedonia, 1919!

Evening Post, Macedonians hanged by Turks, 1890!

Evening Post, Macedonians noted, 1912!

Wanganui Herald, Macedonians beheaded by Turks, 1903!

Evening Post, Macedonians noted in newspaper, 1895!

The Times, Bulgaria wiping out its Macedonians, 1975!

NY Times, Macedonian revolt planned, 1902!

NY Times, Threatens Macedonian war, 1902!

NY Times, Macedonian leader dead, 1903!

NY Times, Macedonia’s heroic struggle for freedom, 1903!

NY Times, Macedonian plot in Italy, 1904!

Boris Sarafov, Macedonia and the Macedonians, 1913!

Macedonian plot in Italy, NY Times, 1904!

Boris Sarafov, The Dead Macedonian Leader, 1903!

Boris Sarafov, The Macedonian Agitation, The Times, 1901!

Macedonians seek autonomy in Pirin, NY Times, 1948!

Ancient Kingdom of Macedon at a glance, New York Times, 1977!

Macedonians burned to death by Greeks, New York Times, 1908!

How the Greeks intimidate the Macedonians of Greece, 1945!

30.000 Greek Macedonians are living in Yugoslavia, New York Times, 1949!

Dictionary near for Macedonians, New York Times, 1962!


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