Macedonians noted in a book about anti-Semitic persecutions in Russia, 1903!

Macedonians noted on a map of the nationalities of South-Eastern Europe, 1922!

Macedonians noted on a map of the nationalities of South-Eastern Europe, 1922!

Macedonians noted as good track laborers, 1916!

Macedonians noted on a ethnographic map of Jugo-Slavia, 1922!

Macedonians noted on Hungarian ethnographic map, 1893-1897! Updated!

Macedonians speak the Sclavonic language, Alexander’s heirs, 1630!

Encyclopedia Britannica, the real ethnic composition of Greece includes Macedonians, 2008!

Evening Post, Macedonians hanged by Turks, 1890!

Wanganui Herald, Macedonians beheaded by Turks, 1903!

Macedonians recognized in the Bulgarian census of 1946!

Boris Sarafov, Macedonia and the Macedonians, 1913!

Dictionary near for Macedonians, New York Times, 1962!

Macedonians noted in the book “German Antiguerrilla Operations in the Balkans (1941-1944)”

The German Linguist Albrecht Wirth recognized the Macedonians in 1914!

Austrian atlas notes the Macedonians and the Macedonian language, 1921!

A letter from Slaveikov about the Macedonian Archbishopric of Ohrid, 1874!

Macedonian Culture by Krste Misirkov, 1924!

The self-determination of the Macedonians by Misirkov, 1925!

Macedonians noted in Russian archives, 1878!

Edmond Bouchie de Belle on the Macedonians, 1918!

What did Bulgaria represent for Macedonia, 1913!

To the Governments and the Public of the Allied Balkans States, 1913!

A Political Survey of Macedonia and the Macedonians, 1913!

Dimitar Rizov speaks about his Macedonian nationality, 1912!

Macedonians suspects that Bulgarians and Serbs will divide them, 1905!

Macedonians found in the memoirs of Buck Whaley, 1797!

Macedonian immigration in Russia 1763-1765!

Bertrandon de la Brocquiere met Macedonians in 1432-1433!

Macedonian articles from the New York Times, 1904-1907!


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