Macedonians found in the book A Balkan Freebooter, 1916!

Slavs are indigenous in the Balkans!

The German Linguist Albrecht Wirth recognized the Macedonians in 1914!

Macedonia noted on a map by the National Geographic, 1962!

The Macedonian Question 1914-1992 by the CIA, 1992!

The Macedonian Question 1908-1913 a map by the CIA, 1992!

Macedonians noted on a map by the CIA as living in Greece and Bulgaria, 1992!

Macedonians photographed by Albert Kahn in 1912!

The crisis in the Balkan states, Macedonia, 1899!

Bertrandon de la Brocquiere met Macedonians in 1432-1433!

Proclamations sent to the Macedonians in 1711!

Macedonian Appeal To Paris, 1919-08-16!

Macedonians acknowledged by George Soteriadis in 1918!

Macedonia and Macedonians on old maps!


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