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Macedonians in Greece according to the TIME Almanac 2010!

Greek newspaper acknowledges the Macedonian language, 1905!

Macedonians acknowledgeing their ethnicity, 1846!

Macedonians noted on a map of the nationalities of South-Eastern Europe, 1922!

The REAL linguistic compostion of Greece, census data 1907-1981!

Macedonians noted in a Serbian book from 1880!

The statistics of the Macedonians in the Balkans!

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Macedonians noted in the Gesta Hungarorum, 10th century!

Osman II was the Conqueror of the Macedonians, 1630!

Albert Kahn’s photographers were in Macedonia, 1912!

Greek language influence in Macedonia, 1900!

David Day, Greece conquered Macedonia, 2008!

Encyclopedia Britannica, the real ethnic composition of Greece includes Macedonians, 2008!

United States Delegation to the OSCE is concerned about the Macedonians of Greece!

United States Mission to the OSCE finds Macedonian minority in Greece!

Macedonians found in the book A Balkan Freebooter, 1916!

Hans-Lothar Steppan, The Macedonian Knot, complete book in German!

Macedonians recognized in the Bulgarian census of 1946!

Slavs are indigenous in the Balkans!

The Greek agenda towards the ethnic Macedonians, 1982!

The British Foreign Office and Macedonian National Identity, 1918-1941!

A letter from Slaveikov about the Macedonian Archbishopric of Ohrid, 1874!

Irish patriot Roger Casement mentions Macedonia!

Macedonians noted in Russian archives, 1878!

The rules of the Macedonian Rebel Commitee of the Kresna Uprising, 1878!

Pulevski on the Bulgarian propaganda in Macedonia, 1879!

Bulgarian propaganda in Macedonia, 1888!

Manifesto for Macedonian HUMAN RIGHTS in Greece, 1984!


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